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  1. Haywood

    HBO Max - Preorder Deal

    If you sign up now, you can get HBO Max for $11.99/mo for twelve months, which is $3/mo off. The year starts when you sign off and you get access to HBO Now until HBO Max premiers on May 27.
  2. Haywood


    I've been trying out Qello, which is a streaming service exclusively dedicated to concerts and music-related programming. Their catalog is quite deep. The question is whether I will watch enough concerts to justify $12/mo or $99/yr. I don't know how that will work out over the long haul, but I...
  3. Haywood

    Edifier Speakers

    I bought a pair of Edifier R1700BT ($150) for my daughter for Christmas and a pair of R1280T ($99) for the master bathroom. While they are definitely not in the same class as AudioEngine A5s, they are both a hell of a lot of speaker for the money and I am both pleased and impressed with both...
  4. Haywood

    Crimes Against Music - Bring on the Terrible Covers!

    We have a thread for great covers. Now it is time to pay homage to the truly bad ones. Here is one to get things started:
  5. Haywood

    Bias Lighting Product Review

    Over the last couple of years, I added bias lighting to three of my TV sets. The first two were done with MediaLight and the third with Luminoodle. This topic has come up on a couple other threads, so I thought I would give my thoughts on the pros and cons of these two products along with links...
  6. Haywood

    Sanyo 4K Blu-Ray Player

    I just ordered a Sanyo 4K Blu-Ray player from Amazon for $128. It is a very basic, stripped down player, but all I need is for it to play the occasional disc. I don't need it to stream or anything. Why this player? I needed something that would fit in a 14.5Wx12.25D cabinet and this was the...
  7. Haywood

    My New Porch Speakers

    As some of you know, I just bought a pair of quasi-outdoor speakers for my back porch from Flint. They were built to my budget and designed for my specific use case. I needed something that would sound great when played at lower volumes, but that could still be cranked up a bit for a party. I...
  8. Haywood

    Haywood's New Family Room TV

    I just bought a TCL 65R614 TV for my family room and expect to get it on Thursday. Every review I've read ranks this as the best TV on the market for anywhere near its price point and the price recently dropped by more than $100. It will be interesting to see if it is as good as claimed, but I...
  9. Haywood

    Summer Concerts

    My wife and I have tickets to see The Struts, The Who, Peter Frampton and Heart this summer. Anyone else have concert plans?
  10. Haywood

    Double-Blind ABX Testing Proves Power Cords Have an Effect on Audio

    Double-Blind Test Proves Importance of Power Cords "Recent experiments show that 100% of listeners were able to tell the difference between using an amplifier with a power cord attached, and without. The carefully screened and trained listeners described the power cords as “bringing sound to...
  11. Haywood

    The End of an Era

    I spent many years acquiring much of my television content via a sophisticated, securely encrypted download system built around Usenet and then accessed said content via Plex. It was never about saving money and it never did. Between hardware costs, subscription costs (news servers and index...
  12. Haywood

    Haywood's Custom Acoustic Panels

    I bought a pair of basic 24×48 acoustic panels from Amazon in a natural fiber fabric that reminds me of burlap. I choose than because they were affordable and because my daughter agreed to turn them into artwork. She settled on fabric markers, because paint required sealing the fabric, which...
  13. Haywood

    Caavo Control Center

    My family room system provided some challenges from a usability and control perspective. The first problem was that my TV only has two HDMI inputs and my soundbar only has an optical input. This was an issue, because I want to connect a Roku, a ChromeCast, the 2nd Zone from my main system and...
  14. Haywood

    Acoustic Panel Questions

    I am finally getting ready to think about acoustic panels and have some questions. This is the front of the room My initial thought is to put a panel on each side of the television. What I do not know is how big the panels need to be or at what height I should mount them. As you can see, I...
  15. Haywood

    The New Home Theater

    As some of you may remember, I put the home theater in the new house in a formal living room. This was somewhat less than ideal, but it was the only space available if or until I get the basement done. After moving in, getting settled and compiling the list of all the stuff I want or need to do...
  16. Haywood

    Crossover Question

    I have a great little pair of Mackie computer speakers, but they do not produce much bass. The subwoofer I have kicking around does not have line-level pass-thru, so I need to use a crossover of some type. I've been looking online for something simple and cheap, but I have yet to find anything...
  17. Haywood


    I have always been careful to the point of paranoia around my main display, because of what I paid for it. Today, I was packing out the system and set some cables down on the cabinet in front of the TV. The cabinet was closer to the screen than usual and the wire pile was slightly higher than I...
  18. Haywood

    More new (to me) speakers

    The room I have to put my main system in for a couple of years won't work with my current surround setup. I cannot do 7.1 and my dipoles make no sense. I needed a pair of well matched direct radiators to put in the back corners of the room, able toward the listening position. Studio/20s were a...
  19. Haywood

    New Speakers! Paradigm Reference Millenia 20 LCR

    After weeks of going around in circles, I finally pulled the trigger on three Paradigm Reference Millenia 20 LCR on-wall speakers and two Paradigm H65-IW CI Home in-wall speakers. I spent a few hundred dollars more than I originally budgeted, but I am 99% sure that this system will not leave me...
  20. Haywood

    Thoughts on Polk

    What are your thoughts on Polk speakers? I do not have a ton of experience with them, but I've heard that they are a great bang for the buck.