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  1. Haywood

    HBO MAX Release Date Announced

    It is a money dispute. They do not want to pay Roku and Amazon what they are asking for. Just grab the new "Chromecast with Google TV" device for $50. It just came out, sports the new Google TV operating system replacing Android TV (it is just a rebrand and a new skin) and gets good reviews. It...
  2. Haywood

    Marantz SR-8015 11CH DTS:X Pro AV Receiver

    I've had no issues with my SR-6010 other than losing a line-out for one of my surrounds. I may or may not bother fixing it, as I can just as easily run the surrounds off the receiver.
  3. Haywood

    Apparently I need headphones...with a mic...for my child

    Most over the ear Bluetooth headphones can also operate as normal corded headphones.
  4. Haywood

    Apparently I need headphones...with a mic...for my child

    No. You can use a cord whenever the battery is dead, just make sure you use the kind with the three section plug or the mic won't work. She uses them with a cord when she's playing on her PlayStation and without a cord the rest of the time. When she's not gaming, she's usually listening to...
  5. Haywood

    Apparently I need headphones...with a mic...for my child

    My daughter has a pair of these and I am very impressed with how good they are for the money. They are Bluetooth with a really long battery life, but you can also use a cord. They have a microphone and work well for that (she mainly uses them for gaming. They even sound pretty good and the best...
  6. Haywood

    Back in the Day

    I think if you are not really into high fidelity music, you just want a huge upgrade from a dinky soundbar and your criteria is that it will play loud with lots of punch, you could be quite happy with that setup.
  7. Haywood

    What TV shows are you watching now?

    I loved it, actually. I think I am mainly feeling curmudgeonly because of all the snowflakes screaming a perpetual stream of nonsense that is then treated with great deference by the media. If they are going to scream bloody murder because the woman who plays Batwoman is not a Jewish Lesbian...
  8. Haywood

    What TV shows are you watching now?

    Actually, I agree with you on that one. Jesus would have had darker skin and brown eyes. He would probably look a lot like a typical Palestinian does today. If I were making such a movie today, I would cast it as such.
  9. Haywood

    What TV shows are you watching now?

    I'm just saying that using a racially mixed cast in a show set in Britain 1200 years ago does not make much sense. The irony is that the SJW crowd loses its mind if a white person plays a role perceived as Asian (Ghost in the Shell) or if someone who is not Jewish plays a Jew (Bat Woman) or any...
  10. Haywood

    What TV shows are you watching now?

    We have one episode of Cursed to go. I'm not a huge fan of colorblind casting (black King Arthur makes zero historical sense), but it is very well done and enjoyable. Also watching Watchmen on HBO, which is pretty solid so far. We are getting ready to watch Season Two of The Umbrella Academy.
  11. Haywood

    Taking the Heresys out for a spin

    Old Klipsch is best Klipsch.
  12. Haywood

    Further adventures in cord-cutting

    There are so many other ways to get local news. There are also all kinds of free news aggregators you can get via streaming, Haystack being one.
  13. Haywood

    Further adventures in cord-cutting

    Peacock and HBO Max work on Android TV and a number of Smart TV systems. I think they also work on some of the gaming systems. I personally use two NVidia Shield TV devices (Android TV) in my home, so I have no issues. CBS All Access provides a live stream of CBS. I think it is from your local...
  14. Haywood

    Further adventures in cord-cutting

    You can use either Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV or Sling TV. All of them are approaching the cost of cable (~$65/mo) for the same reason, which is that the content providers are forcing them into bundling. Streaming services provide a much better value and some of them offer live programming. CBS...
  15. Haywood

    Best Speakers to Buy Right Now in 2020

    When the time comes to upgrade my speakers, I'm going to call Flint. I would rather have him build something he built for me than buy anything off the shelf.
  16. Haywood


    I highly recommend the TCL 6 Series, as I think it has the best picture quality anywhere near its price range.
  17. Haywood

    What are you watching via streaming?

    Shows like this as why we subscribe. Great stuff.
  18. Haywood

    What are you watching via streaming?

    We binged it over a couple days and liked it. I would not rank it among the best shows out there, but it was well done and entertaining.
  19. Haywood


    You do indeed suck.
  20. Haywood

    Performance today vs. yesterday

    If we are talking about general sound quality and build quality, not much has changed. All of the connectivity changes are there to support new video formats, which has nothing to do with the audio. There haven't been any new audio formats in years. I disagree that there have been any...