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  1. Botch

    Best commercial of all time!

    ^^^ Being a man of Science, I tried an experiment when that thing came out. I had a yuge stack of phone books, and piled them against my toilet. I soon realized I could achieve the same schpincter /leg angle by, not raising my legs, but by simply bending my torso down to my legs. Wow...
  2. Botch

    Best commercial of all time!

    Just saw the third Grubhub commercial with Mark Hamill and Admiral Picard; those are a hoot! :rofl:
  3. Botch

    Tom Petty fans!

    Wildflowers, arguably his best album, was originally recorded as a double-album. It's being released, tomorrow! I needed something, anything, good to happen this year. :toast:
  4. Botch

    Postcard from an Old Friend

    I don't watch much TV, but still record a few news and cooking shows in case I'm out doing something meaningful (heh). Tonight, clicking onto my DVR menu, I saw a new episode of "Good Eats"!! I don't think he'd had a show in months, but apparently I'd set my DVR to record any new episodes...
  5. Botch

    Kewl Stuff

    They used AI and digital cleanup techniques on the rover footage from Apollo 16. And (I don't remember this part) apparently they were a little lost!
  6. Botch

    Incredible Covers...

    Agreed; I like another one better. My entire (part-time) music career (35 years or so) I've always wanted my band to do VH's version of "Dance the Night Away", never had it happen... :(
  7. Botch

    Best commercial of all time!

    O.M.G.... :shocked:
  8. Botch

    Home Theater Paint/Furniture Make-Over

    Yes. Yes, you do.
  9. Botch

    What Concert Video are you listening to?

    ^^^ Ooh! Boughted!
  10. Botch

    Garage amp needed

    In a garage, I'd go to the local pawn shops and start a "low" bidding war.
  11. Botch

    Home Theater Paint/Furniture Make-Over

    Sounds like a new TV, electronics, and speakers are in order, too, at this point...
  12. Botch

    Sit Coms

    Think I just read today that P&R will be taken down from netflix end of the month, so hurry. I haven't seen any of them.
  13. Botch

    Uh oh - Logitech Harmony One predicament

    Didn't get to read this until this afternoon, yowzah! Really, we don't need to edit 4K video while driving, right?
  14. Botch

    Uh oh - Logitech Harmony One predicament

    I just noticed that I have FOUR different style USB "mini" plugs attached to my new computer, no telling how many more downstairs. Reminds me of the time I wanted to solder a new cannon plug onto a "standard" 9V wall wart; Radio Shack had forty-one different sizes, and NONE of them fit the...
  15. Botch

    What Are You Listening To?

    I made that meme completely out of EweTube, but today an interview with the keyboardist appeared there, describing how they put together their biggest hit. Might be of interest to the musicians here, although it really gets into the weeds at about the halfway point.
  16. Botch

    Uh oh - Logitech Harmony One predicament

    Well, crap. I just read a review of the new iPad, and I didn't realize USB-C superceded the Lightning connector, I thought it was the other way around. And I just realized about a week ago that my "new" iPhone isn't 5G-compatible, either. I give up.
  17. Botch

    Uh oh - Logitech Harmony One predicament

    I can't afford to replace DSLRs and laptops and remotes every time they change the standard. :suspicious: ;)
  18. Botch

    Uh oh - Logitech Harmony One predicament

    Success! When I downloaded the above s/w onto my new iMac, I also had to download some old Java code (lots of spinning beachballs). It wouldn't recognize either my ID or my password, but then it was able to identify me by hooking up my remote, and answering a security question. It then showed...
  19. Botch

    Uh oh - Logitech Harmony One predicament

    Ah; you know, that software is probably on my old computer. I'll give that a try.
  20. Botch

    Uh oh - Logitech Harmony One predicament

    I've been happily using my Harmony One (which you guys told me about) for almost ten years, and its worked flawlessly. During my days without power, the batteries were dying on it, and it actually started chirping at me when it was about to lose its memory (I didn't know it did that). Well...