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  1. walls

    Speaker parts numbers?

    I have an old pair of Infinity RS 3's that I love and one of the tweeters went out, the numbers on the back of the tweeter are as follows.. 333232-001 101673R 49-97 I am able to find tweeters that match the first two rows but have not been able to find any with the 49-97. I've found a few...
  2. walls

    Sony CX 985v. 400 disc DVD changer

    I have the opportunity to purchase two of these in like new condition with original remotes both for $150. This seems like a good price and I was thinking that I could load them up with all of my dvds and store all the cases. I have around 800 dvds so this would be a nice space saver if not...
  3. walls

    Something is happening to me...

    My whole life I have been a metal guy, started with KISS as a kid and eventually to bands like Sabbath and Crue while in pre teen days. Then after a while it was heavier and heavier, Metallica, Slayer then on to pure death metal, Obituary and Cannible Corpse but as I get older I find myself...
  4. walls

    Sub auto off turning off too quickly..

    The auto on/off on the new Daytons cycle off way too quickly imo. Seems if they don't get a signal for 30 seconds or so they will cycle off, haven't really noticed a delay as they seem to power up immediately when the signal returns but I have to believe all this off and on is hard on the amps...
  5. walls

    Parts express

    I spend a lot of time out in my shop, great place to let the dogs run and keep busy. I decided that I wanted to add some better sound to the tv, the Vizio soundbar is good for regular tv but is lacking for movies. My budget was really tight so I started to shop and remembered an article I read...
  6. walls


    Anyone else watching this on Netflix? It is SOOO good.
  7. walls

    Possible ground loop?

    Hey guys I moved my headphone amp and dock to the other side of my room and now my amp has a low level hum in the left channel. I tried switching all the tubes and the hum stays in the left channel. So ground loop? Or do I possibly have a bigger problem?
  8. walls


    So we are a week in, and my opinion so far, pretty damn good. Pic quality is better then DISH and load times are completely minimal. With the Roku as the driver one can see what's on the other channels just like a guide and switch between them rather quickly Gonna give it another week of full...
  9. walls

    Wasn't sure where to put this..

    So we have decided to drop dish and go with sling TV. So part of the process was to get an antenna for our local channels, well we tried two 40 mile range models and had little to no luck then on a whim while at Walmart my wife bought the Mohu Leaf. It is rated up to 60 miles so we gave it a...
  10. walls

    I think I have asked this before...

    Is there any way to stream from a bluray player to a TV wirelessly?? I have all wall mounted smart TV's and really hate the wires from the players to the tvs. Lol
  11. walls

    SNL 40 years.

    Wow was this subpar, really want my 2 1/2 hours back. All the great cast members, all the great music and for 90% of the show they utilized none of it. But at least Kanye West and Miley Cyrus got to perform COMPLETE songs right!!
  12. walls

    Hey PaulyT!!

    Had some things come up that kept me busy so I have been MIA for a few weeks. Anyways I am done putting the crack through its paces and I have to say........ It's REALLY good. Lol. It's not quite WA2 good but it's damn close. SOOO, you interested in reviewing it paired with the HD650's? Plus...
  13. walls

    Orange is the new black

    Anyone else watching this? I gave it a shot after my kid told me it was good and am now half way through season two.
  14. walls

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    This was fantastic! The first film set this one up beautifully so this one has lots more action and lots more apes vs. man confrontation. And the audio and video effects are absolute top notch.
  15. walls

    Sold my projector and screen.

    Yep, haven't used it in a little over a year so I figured it was time that someone else enjoyed them. Ever since I got the 75" Sammy I just never had the desire to pull down the screen anymore. So this makes me wonder, as sets get bigger and better and of course cheaper will the home theater...
  16. walls

    Bottlehead Crack amp kit

    Well I FINALLY finished my Crack amp and started to put it through its paces. My first impression.... WOW. This thing sounds really good. REALLY. GOOD. And I haven't installed the Speedball kit yet, figured I would run it plain Jane for a while so I could compare them. The amp is a really...
  17. walls

    HD800's or T1's?

    Looking to buy a pair of endgame cans and am considering these two. I am not all that interested in planar cans as my current equipment isn't really geared for them so I have it narrowed down to these two. I love my HD650's so I'm sure the HD800's would suit me but I have been reading how...
  18. walls

    Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Not gonna say too much as I don't want to spoil anything for anyone so..... I thought the first in this new series was better then the first three and I think this one was as well. Nicely paced with great action and effects, my only real problem is that watching Peter Parker emotionally...
  19. walls

    Meier Corda Classic vs. Schit A2

    Thanks to PaulyT for letting me use his Meier amp I was able to compare his $600 solid state headphone amp against my sub $300 Schit. LOOKS! BUILD QUALITY! The Schit is somewhat smaller then the Meier but I like the build quality of the Schiit a little more. It just seems as though it's of...
  20. walls

    Problem with disc or firmware question...

    Picked up a copy of Total Recall (remake) and at about the half way point the disc froze, took it back and exchanged it for a new one. The new one froze at exactly the same point, tried it on two players froze on both players. Anyone ever have this problem?