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  1. TKoP

    Well, now I know..

    ..what the best Bookshelf speakers are. Link
  2. TKoP

    Baldur's Gate III

    Huge, I MEAN HUGE fan of Baldur's gate back in the day. Just saw the trailer for Baldur's Gate III -- let's just say Nerd-Boner fully engaged..
  3. TKoP

    Blu-Ray issue

    I tried to play a disc last night and although the audio was fine, the picture was all jacked up. Below is the best picture I could find that mimic'd the video i was getting. It was quite that bad, but close enough. I tried a different cable, i tried reseating the cable in both the player and...
  4. TKoP

    miniDSP UMIK-1 USB Measurement Calibrated Microphone

    MiniDSP USB Microphone I have a Behringer ECM8000 measurement microphone I bought several years ago. I also bought and external sound card for laptop so i could do testing using TrueRTA. Now, several years later, my laptop no longer supports the external soundcard i used to have. Looking at...
  5. TKoP

    Cheap Bluetooth 2 channel amp

    I've got a speaker kit i'm finally going to get around to building sometime soon. My initial thought is to bring them in for my office - partly as a talking point, but also to be able to listen to some music while I’m working. The best place for me to put it is on a file cabinet facing my desk...
  6. TKoP

    I don't know what to make of this one..

    I don't know the science well enough to know if this is good or bad, but it was interesting...
  7. TKoP

    Social Distortion

    For those that like Social Distortion, you'll be happy to know they're going into the studio at the end of the year for a new album, the first since January 2011. And I just saw them last night... worth seeing for sure, but i liked the other headliner better, Flogging Molly. But they are my...
  8. TKoP

    No need to guess..

    ..we can now find out the best headphones out there. Link.
  9. TKoP

    Not sure I could...

  10. TKoP

    Favorite YouTube Channels

    Always looking for another time suck on YouTube. Here are a few that I like: Biographics -- short video biographies on all kinds of famous people Epic Rap Battles -- "rap battles" with one historical figure against another Philip DeFranco -- millennial news channel PowerfulJRE -- video of the...
  11. TKoP

    $3,000 to spend on a 2 channel system

    Looking for the best 2 channel system for a college graduate music lover-- store bought or DIY, with or without sub.... GO!
  12. TKoP

    Fire Stick 4k -- First Impression

    Until recently, I've been streaming Netflix through my Dish receiver and Amazon Prime through my TV's smart TV app. Neither option has been perfect -- I'll get the occasional freeze, dropped resolution rate, etc. Definitely a first world problem, but annoying nevertheless. On a sort of whim, I...
  13. TKoP

    Measuring Software

    Just a curiosity thing... other than TrueRTA and REW, what other "good" and "inexpensive" audio measuring programs are there out there? And of those that have used both (and I wouldn't imagine there are a lot of those here) any pros/cons between the two?
  14. TKoP

    The new tv season

    is it just me, or are all of the new shows this year "meh" at best?
  15. TKoP

    Turntable for OLD records

    I've inherited an extensive collection of old records -- everything from the phonograph cylinders to the record "books" built to be played on a 78rpm turntable to dozens of random albums. I will be getting the old players as well; however, I'd like to preserve the records as much as I can and I...
  16. TKoP

    Ruminations on a DIY Powered Desktop Speaker System

    Just one of those things, thinking of what I might look to buy if I were to try and build an relatively inexpensive powered speaker system for my bedroom. Since I wanted to avoid work as much as possible, i jumped on Madisound's website to look at some full range speakers that I thought might...
  17. TKoP

    Well, now we know...

    The Best Speakers Money Can Buy
  18. TKoP

    Any new music I should be listening too?

    Since I'm in the midst of tax season, i'm listening to a LOT of music at work, but I'm kind of bored with the stuff I have saved. Anything new that I should listen to? Stuff I like that I think would be a good indication of what I'm looking for - and if you can find a common thread among these...
  19. TKoP

    Wax Cylinder Archive

    An uncle of mine has a pretty decent collection of old -- for the most part, they're 78s -- records. He also has more than a few old cylinder records, with the players for both. Unfortunately, he's in a home now and the family is clearing out his old room and I'm getting the collection. I wanted...
  20. TKoP

    Fire Stick or Fire TV

    I have an older plasma TV that I'm not going to be replacing anytime soon. I have an Echo Dot. I subscribe to Amazon Prime, Music and Netflix. Is there any reason to go with the Fire TV over the Fire Stick? It's not a huge price difference, but if there's no benefit, I'd rather not fork out the...