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  1. Snake Doctor

    Portable Wi-Fi Music Player

    I am looking for a portable wi-fi, Bluetooth something that will play any on-line music source, Spotify, Sirius. Amazon, iTunes, iHeartRadio, podcasts. Any suggestions?
  2. Snake Doctor

    Back in the Day

    https://www.costco.com/.product.100665767.html?&EMID=B2C_2020_0831_HomeEntertaining In the beginning, when I was attempting to put a system together if came across this I believe I would have been very excited.
  3. Snake Doctor


    I want to get a TV for the bedroom and I don’t want to spend a whole lot so say under $500. Well I went to Best Buy‘s today and I found TCL, Toshiba, insignia, and for all about the same price. I think maybe Sam son was in that price range I know Sony was not. Which monitor will I get the best...
  4. Snake Doctor

    Klipsch R-125W Reference powered subwoofer

    You guys are gonna love this. I found a Klipsch subwoofer at Costco for $189.99. I was able to listen to it to me it sounded great of course the subwoofer I have now I bought back in 1994 maybe 95.What I’m asking is if I am an idiot for thinking about purchasing it? You're not just buying a...
  5. Snake Doctor

    THX Question

    Now that I have my amp back I decided to go through and reset my prepro mostly fine tuning the audio. I got into the settings for THX and decided why not? So I activated it, however there was one question I didn't understand why it was there.......do you have a THX sub? What is that? I bought...
  6. Snake Doctor

    Performance today vs. yesterday

    I have been curious about something while and thought I would ask the guys that know. If I purchased a piece of new equipment 5 years ago and paid $2,000 - $3,000 and purchased the same type, brand, number of channels new today for $500 - $1,000 how would the two compare as far as performance...
  7. Snake Doctor

    Which way should I go?

    My AT1505 amp went out again this is the 3rd or 4th time and I am tired of it. However, I don't know what to do. For $100 plus I can get the AT1505 repaired and it should be good for a couple of years, but I am tired of having to go through this again. I wanted separates, whenever I listened...
  8. Snake Doctor

    Roku vs Firestick and Live TV

    Just cancelled Directv now I have about two weeks to be ready for streaming. The more I read about the different services and Roku vs Firestick the more confusing it is. I want to see local channels and see football during the season my wife wants House Hunters/House Hunters International, so...
  9. Snake Doctor

    3,000 HD Channels $8.00

    Has anyone tried Players Klub IPTV? It is streaming with a fire stick. I have been trying to figure out how it would work with my system/or would it work? It you wanted to watch your football team playing in another area, say Dallas at Chicago, you tune into the local Chicago station carrying...
  10. Snake Doctor


    When I first got SiriusXM for my car back in 2011 I was very excited, news, sports and most of all music! Since I keep a car for a long period of time I signed up for the lifetime program so I have been listening on their dollar for a couple of years. It seems as if the signal isn't as...
  11. Snake Doctor

    Boys to Bose

    There is an interesting article in the April issue of Sound & Vision about the Bose system. I was first introduced to Bose several years ago at a Bose store, they had a theater set up where they played a short movie with sound coming from all directions, and deep booming bass something like I...
  12. Snake Doctor

    Do you appreciate your sound system what about your lady?

    I had my amp in for repair so I decided to use the TV's speakers to watch, whatever. There was a hollowness in the room, no music and the sound was incomplete to me. To add insult to injury, my wife said, "I can't really tell any difference, can you? grrrrr The amp finally came home. I...
  13. Snake Doctor

    A/V to AMP?

    How would I setup an A/V receiver to be the amp for a pre-pro? Would it be as simple as connecting the speaker jacks from the pre-pro to the A/V? Since I have to send my AMP in for repair I would like to be able to still use 5.1 and it seems as if connecting my Yamaha to my Integra would be a...
  14. Snake Doctor

    What would you do?

    I have a ATI505 amp and the left speaker connection has gone out, I checked to see if it was a fuse, no such luck. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have had to take the amp in for repair. However, I am not so sure it is worth the cost of evaluation, parts and labor. So this is going to be a...
  15. Snake Doctor

    Calibrate Plasma TV

    In haven't changed the settings on my plasma in years and I have noticed the picture isn't a crisp or bright as it once was. The cd I used in the past has disappeared, vanished, is in hiding so I need to find a replacement. What would you suggest I use to calibrate the TV?
  16. Snake Doctor

    Inexpensive receiver?

    I am looking for a very, very, very inexpensive receiver. What I want is something that will allow a minimum of two external speakers, and a connection for blue tooth audio adapter. As you have most likely figured out I am not looking for optimal sound, but want something that I can play music...
  17. Snake Doctor

    A Silly Question

    I have always been been very deliberate in putting my system together and it has taken years, very patient. The last few weeks that feeling of patients has flow the coop. I have this strong desire to replace my prepro, my amp, tv, sub any or all of it, no sane reason, there is nothing wrong...
  18. Snake Doctor

    Labeling Question

    We are going to redo the media room, I am concerned about several things the floor being #1, but right now I am worried about labeling all of my connections. There is an amp, prepro, DVR, CD player, Ruko, subwoofer, speakers and a bluetooth receiver. At some point I will need to move...
  19. Snake Doctor

    Surrounds Break - in period?

    I am curious and have never read or heard anything about breaking in rear speakers in a five system setup. Yes, I understand they are for effect, however when playing music I switch between stereo and surround, the sound is entirely different. My rear speakers were purchased new about 9 or 10...
  20. Snake Doctor

    SVS SB12-NSD is on sale

    Here is the thing, I have agonized for a while about replacing my very old, very inexpensive subwoofer. I have decided that I am going to do it, the question is when and how much of a sub do I need. SVS is having a sale on the SB12-NSD. I have done a little research and it seems that it was...