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  1. Batman

    Rutger Hauer Passes Away at 75

    RIP Rutger Hauer Link
  2. Batman

    RIP Peter Mayhew - Passes Away April 30, 2019

    Peter Mayhew passes away. Goodbye Chewbacca. :(
  3. Batman

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    In our seemingly never ending quest to complete all the Zelda console games (at least those played in the 3rd person) my son Daniel just began playing Skyward Sword. Originally released in 2011 for the Wii it received a 10/10 on IGN when it was reviewed. I have started it on 3 different...
  4. Batman

    The Last Jedi - SPOILER Thread

    Feel free to discuss anything and everything about The Last Jedi here.
  5. Batman

    Disney Will Finally Release Ultra HD BDs

  6. Batman

    House of Cards on Netflix

    Has anyone been keeping up with this series now in Season 5? Joanna and I binged on this series last year and caught up on the 1st 4 seasons in about a week and a half. While incredibly unrealistic and far-fetched I found it to be a great political drama. We're now a few episodes into season 5...
  7. Batman

    Nintendo Switch

    I picked up a Nintendo Switch along with the new Legend of Zelda title "Breath of the Wind." Sometimes it saddens me that Nintendo isn't just a software company so that people that prefer Xbox or PS could enjoy the Zelda franchise without being forced to buy a Nintendo console. The Zelda series...
  8. Batman

    Home Renovation

    Since it's so slow around the forum I may as well post something about all the work going on around our home. So.......right after (or right before maybe, it's all a blur) last year's GTG, Joanna arranged for the guy who does all my drywall work to repair every bit of settlement thru-out the...
  9. Batman

    Dynaudio Introduces All-New Contour Series!

    Press release attached...
  10. Batman

    So Long Dish...We Had A Good Run

    Finally after months of deliberation, procrastination and a bunch of hemming and hawing....I finally dumped Dish network. I just couldn't take one more month of $175+ subscription TV given what Joanna and I truly enjoy watching on a regular basis. While I will miss the whole-home and HD features...
  11. Batman

    Sir Christopher Lee Dead @ 93

    Actor Christopher Lee has passed away at the age of 93. I don't know much of his early film history, but I know he's had a long acting career, has been in many "monster" movies, has been in a Bond film, and over the last 20 years or so since I've really been into movies he's been in many movies...
  12. Batman

    Dynaudio to Phase Out Passive Focus Products

    "We have been informed that Dynaudio will be ceasing production of the Focus passive loudspeaker offerings, i.e. the Focus 160, Focus 260, Focus 340, Focus 380 and Focus 210C models. These models still remain current however, and as there will be plenty of inventory coming in we kindly request...
  13. Batman

    The Official Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Thread

    I've been keeping an eye out on this one since its official announcement. There was a little teaser released today via Zach Snyder, this precedes the first official full length trailer which is due out this coming Monday at select IMAX theaters and hopefully online simultaneously. It is rumored...
  14. Batman

    Dynaudio Discontinues Contour Series

    An excerpt I received in an email from Dynaudio yesterday. If you were remotely considering a Contour Series product, you may want to make the consideration a bit more urgent. Current inventory at dealers most likely will not be replaced unless they've already placed orders.... "Effective...
  15. Batman

    Trevor Noah To Host The Daily Show

    Jon is irreplaceable BUT the show must try to go on. I'm much more in favor of this move than something like the rumored Tina Fey or similar... :text-link:
  16. Batman

    "In a Pinch" Fish Tape

    So with the recent install of my new iOS remote system I'm cleaning up some wiring and running some IR extension cables for my lighting controls and projector. I left my electricians fish tape at Jimmy's house (Hillside Cinema). I didn't feel like driving 40 mins each way out there to pick it up...
  17. Batman

    Fargo (Television Series)

    Just finished the last 3 episodes of Fargo. Believe the hype, it's fukking good. The creators really capture the look, feel & flavor of the original film while still making something fresh and new. The first time I saw Fargo, the movie, I was 22 or 23. Back then, I didn't get the odd humor and...
  18. Batman

    "Hillside Cinema"

    An old friend of mine named Jimmy has wanted a home theater for some time. He had seen mine during the phase where the walls were painted, carpet was in and the room was functional but no "cave" treatments. We had toyed with the possibility of me helping him with one on and off for at least two...
  19. Batman

    Comic Books & Graphic Novels

    It was just a matter of time until a thread like this got started and since I'm just a tad biased.... If you're a avid fan or looking to potentially get into comics let's hear about some must-reads To get things kicked off I'll start Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Watchmen Both are graphic...
  20. Batman

    These Guys Want Their Arkham Origins

    SFW :laughing-lettersrofl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_0zfpfJToY