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  1. MatthewB

    Anyone still buying movies/shows on Disc?

    Huey from what I've read Vudu has actual better quality than Netflix.
  2. MatthewB

    Mission Impossible 4k hdr box set

    Because most were shot on 35 MM film (at least the early ones were) so you have to expect film grain.
  3. MatthewB

    Double Bass or LFE+Main

    Maybe next time your around you can bring your laptop, fancy mic and your program and I'll buy a bottle of scotch and we can measure.
  4. MatthewB

    What Movie(s) Did You Watch Today?

    Watched Operation Finale with Ben Kingsley playing Nazi Adolf Eichmann one of the top Nazi commanders who escapes to Buenes Aries after Germany fell and was living a peaceful life with his family when he was finally located and a team of people go in to capture him and bring him in to stand...
  5. MatthewB

    Double Bass or LFE+Main

    For those who been to my house you know I have a very odd shaped great room and I used to have a large gap in bass depending on where my sub was located. If in the front then the back of the room where I sit got weak bass and vice versa. So to combat that I bought a pair of Def tech BP7001's...
  6. MatthewB

    Canceled My Netflix Account

    I have Hulu Plus for my cable channels, Netflix for programs and I share this with my mom but I pay for it. My mother lets me use her HBO Plus which she pays for (but I can't recall the last time I actually watched it). I also use Vudu but don't pay monthly for that as its for my movie...
  7. MatthewB

    Netflix raises prices, again.

    I love Netflix and my mom uses my login and password and she loves Grace and Frankie so I keep it more for her. I do have to say I love all the Marvel series they have and the new Umbrella Academy is awesome. I also love watching The Black List in 4K HDR so I keep it.
  8. MatthewB

    How "Fast" is your bass? Does your subwoofer have "Speed?"

    I've always been intrigued by companies that use multiple smaller woofers to achieve the effect of a larger driver but that seems to go against the laws of physics. A 15" woofer to me seems like if designed properly would have no issues reaching sub 20Hz frequencies where a 8" woofer (no matter...
  9. MatthewB


    My issue is with the actual device being used. I also have the lifetime plan and for ten years used the XM Roadie plug in device that could be hooked up via a cable or wireless. No matter what I used I'd lose signal going under a bridge for like one second. Seems the signal with those roadies...
  10. MatthewB

    I'm in Hell!!!

    Take it to your local pawn shop. The pawn shop if request has bins of older cables that they will sell. Sure you may get pennies for each cable but it does add up and better than just tossing em. Or donate them to goodwill as a tax write off.
  11. MatthewB

    Is PCM digital audio inherently and audibly flawed? NO!!!

    So if there is no difference between a pure digital signal and a less expensive PCM signal then should we be going more for the inexpensive vintage audio gear rather than more tech savvy digital components? I understand the ease of digital connections (one HDMI cable vs a multitude of analog...
  12. MatthewB

    AT&T/DirecTV- the coming end of the satellite side of things

    This past August I had a 60 foot pine tree smash into my roof during a massive summer storm we had tore my A/C in half, punched a dozen holes in my roof, knocked down my block wall fence and knocked out my Directv sat dish. I was patient and called directv to reinstall my sat dish but after two...
  13. MatthewB

    What did you do with your dvd collection?

    Over the past couple years I've converted all my DVD's to Vudu 1080p or 4K and then trade them in at a used bookstore around the corner from my house. I went from having hundreds of DVD's to now less than 20 and only have those as they were never released on Vudu or don't have them in HDX on...
  14. MatthewB

    What are you watching via streaming?

    The Blacklist in 4K HDR on Netflix and also Person of Interest which to me was one of the best action series ever played on TV got my mom hooked and she hates series TV but loves this show so she visits me about once every three weeks and we binge watch Person of Interest when she visits.
  15. MatthewB

    Netflix and 4K

    I love The Blacklist in 4K with HDR on Netflix. Also The Defenders and DareDevil and Iron Fist are great shows in 4K UHD on Netflix
  16. MatthewB

    Jack Ryan 4k collection

    I buy all my movies in digital format now have for years. Makes no sense for me to pay full price for a bluray or 4K movie when I can buy most of them between 5.00 - 10.00 for 4K. Yes the audio is only Dolby Digital Plus but my aging ears can't tell the difference anyway. My aging eyes are...
  17. MatthewB

    Misplaced Priorities: Divorcee's Used Gear Sale

    Could've been worse. It could've been a Bose Lifestyle system.
  18. MatthewB

    4K Movies

    HD-DVD's were far superior but I still lost a bet to Flint over that one because society is dead set on picking a far inferior product just like when as a teen I chose Beta over VHS but the pervs of the world wanted porn on VHS instead of better PQ that beta offered. Same with HD-DVD
  19. MatthewB

    What are you doing with Alexa?

    For Christmas my mother gave me an Amazon Echo and I told my mom when she gave it to me, "This makes me so happy it'll be the first time in decades I'll tell a female to do something and she'll do it". Needless to say both my mother and Michelle both Gibb smacked me across the back of my head...
  20. MatthewB

    Dreamboat Annie

    Love Barricuda, dreamboat Annie and Dog and Butterfly myself great album