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  1. Alien

    I'm baaaaaaack....

  2. Alien

    Bass trap

    I'm considering using rock wool, a.k.a. mineral wool, a.k.a. Roxul for a bass trap. I found 13 cubic feet of it for cheap. My question about using it for bass traps though, should I compress it to increase density?
  3. Alien

    The Alien HT

    I'll have to back-track to a couple of years ago to show where I started the build from scratch but for now here is my current rendition. The room is in my basement. This is actually what I was keeping myself busy with the most while Sofi was in the hospital almost 200 miles away and I'd come...
  4. Alien

    Ideal yardstick/reference to setup quality?

    I like to listen to music in 2 channel just much as movies in surround in my theater. I have some concert DVD's with 2 channel mixes included. Comparing the mixes though actually leaves only a few differences...in 2 channel gone is the elevated bass of LFE but it's just as enveloping a sound...
  5. Alien

    Carpet padding

    Has anybody ever tried using some type of carpet padding for acoustic control, like a bass trap? Did it help?
  6. Alien


    Anyone have experience with their amps? http://emotiva.com/
  7. Alien

    Anti-loudness war...pick the best recording win a prize!

  8. Alien

    Room mode/null

    What would it take, acoustic treatment wise anyway, to cure modes at around 38, 50, 96, and 106Hz? They aren't really terrible, the worst is @96Hz going 6dB above reference.
  9. Alien

    crest audio

    Does anybody have any experience with Crest Audio amps? They're high power on the cheap, is there a big catch? I'm not really keen on how to completely interpret the data on them (I know little to nothing about amps) except for any S/N ratio which I didn't see listed.
  10. Alien

    Looks great but...

    Do you think this thing is going to sell without at least having some kind of performance data included? Jeez...maybe he doesn't really want it to go! http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl? ... cal-Utopia
  11. Alien

    Milo is her favorite toy cat.

  12. Alien

    Idea for a speaker placement assistance device

    Anybody ever wish, when tinkering around with a 2 channel placement and position that they didn't have to keep getting up to move their stuff? I have an idea for a kind of crude "track" to place your speakers on that from the listening position you can move them laterally by pulling on a cord...
  13. Alien

    IB sub question

    In the adjacent space that your IB sub drivers are mounted into, does it matter what material the room is made of or what else is occupying the space? I'd like to find out if there is much of an acoustic difference between two spaces of the same shape and volume but different otherwise...such as...
  14. Alien

    Found it...

    http://home.comcast.net/~infinitelybaff ... neIB1.html
  15. Alien

    IB website

    I've been seriously considering building one...here's a build from one of a few sites I've found. http://www.subwoofer-builder.com/IB/IB-gallery.htm