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  1. Kazaam

    my AirPods Max vs my Sony XM3’s

    Battle of the appliances? I’ve had the Sony WH-1000XM3 noise cancelling headphones probably since they came out. I never use them. Last time was five months ago. So, anyway, I just bought the AirPods Max on Friday. I hate wearing headphones. But Apple used the term “magic” to describe the...
  2. Kazaam

    New Kenan Thompson sitcom: Full House Reimagined?

    OK, maybe not quite. They need to add a wacky friend to also live with them to help raise the kids. (Dave Coulier would be perfect.) https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/don-johnson-chris-redd-join-010059370.html “Kenan,” which was ordered to series last year under the title “The Kenan Show,”...
  3. Kazaam

    My Xiaomi “Android TV” box kicked the bucket

    It was cheap, glitchy, and underpowered to the point that it couldn’t deliver the 4K it promised. Anyway... I used to like Android TV despite it missing some apps that were easily found on other streaming platforms. And app wise Android TV has gotten a lot better. But I’m not a fan of its...
  4. Kazaam

    Vizio reliability?

    I want a bigger TV. One model I'm halfways tempted to pick up is a 70-inch Vizio (E70-E3). I know it's not perfect, and I'd like to see it drop down in price somewhat below $1250 again before making the leap, but it's pretty much the biggest I can get in my room. And for whatever reason Vizio...
  5. Kazaam

    Anyone else's Samsung TV YouTube app stop working?

    Think it's the version on the Tizen OS, fwiw. It stopped last week. I can browse videos, but none of them play. How the heck am I supposed to watch cat videos? Or videos of cats? And did I mention this is depriving me of watching cats on video?
  6. Kazaam

    Bears can take their "Super Bowl Shuffle" and RAM IT!!!

    Happy 4th of July! The best line is from "Mountain Man" #60. So humor me and at least watch through the 1:30 mark. Honorable mention is at the 2:50 mark. I ran across this awesomely bad music video by the LA Rams circa mid-Eighties a few weeks back. Probably from an article on Deadspin...
  7. Kazaam

    Is overscan still a problem with new TVs?

    I've had a Samsung 50 inch plasma for maybe 9 years, and it has a tendency to cut off the bottom of images, such as sports tickers. And when I recently had a chance to borrow a Roku, I realized just how bad it is. For instance, the Vudu app on my bluray player has settings to try and...
  8. Kazaam

    Roku question about movie rental billing

    I don't have a Roku, but if I understand correctly, it appears that you can keep a credit card on file with your Roku account. But let's say I already have accounts with Vudu, Amazon, and Google Play. And let's say I already have credit cards on file with those individual accounts. My...
  9. Kazaam

    This commercial makes me laugh.

    Dragonball Z and the power of the Ford Focus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZcIgvzi3C0
  10. Kazaam

    The Darkness makes the yahoo front page...

    I know they throw damn near anything up there on the Yahoo. But seeing an article/Q&A from one of my favorite bands was unexpected nonetheless. Too bad I'll probably be in bed by the time the live stream of tonight's performance begins...
  11. Kazaam

    Any opinions on Harmony 650 remote?

    http://www.bestbuy.com/site/logitech-harmony-650-8-device-universal-remote-silver/9837565.p?id=1218181914598&skuId=9837565 I never used a Harmony 880 that I bought years ago. I never really took the time to properly set up activities, plus I hated the buttons. So I just kept using old...
  12. Kazaam

    Is HD Radio a failure?

    I always assumed it was, but am I wrong? Who here has it? How common is it in cars these days? Recently, I've had my first exposure to HD radio (in a car) and will say that I think the sound quality on the primary hd stations is usually much better than their analog HD counterparts...
  13. Kazaam

    Any software to automatically add artwork tags to MP3s?

    Preferably one that can do large batches automatically. I did a quick search and it appears there are some programs out there that might be worth a try, but having never heard of them I don't have a clue how good (or safe) they are. So does anyone have something they recommend? Thanks...
  14. Kazaam

    Do any half-decent earbuds exist for about $20?

    Not in-ear monitors, but the earbud type that easily falls out. My brother had mentioned something about wanting earbuds to have at work. Figured it might make a decent Christmas gift, but if there isn't anything currently out there that is kind of considered a decent cheap buy then I'll skip...
  15. Kazaam

    I'm just minutes away from seeing vanilla ice!!!

    Playing half time at the wolves game. Better not be trick or treat.
  16. Kazaam

    Tears for Fears in 5.1?

    Pardon me if I'm wrong because I'm running a slight fever. And I'm feeling too lazy to link it because I'm on a tablet right now, but the TFF website says there's gonna be a new deluxe edition of "Songs From The Big Chair" released in November. One of the 5 or 6 discs is supposedly a DVD-A...
  17. Kazaam

    5.1 SACD of Bloomfield, Kooper and Stills???

    This popped up on my amazon recommendations. Comes out in September. According to Amazon it'll have a 5.1 surround mix. Very interesting! SUPER SESSION http://www.amazon.com/Super-Session-Hybrid-Multichannel-SACD/dp/B00L905BIG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409155428&sr=8-1&keywords=Stills+sacd...
  18. Kazaam


    You do what you gotta do when you're looking to score a little pussy, am I right? Meet Callie. My sweet, yet sometimes rambunctious kitty. I didn't trust her not to jump onto my old speakers and cause them to crash into my still fairly new glass TV stand. So... It's because of her that...
  19. Kazaam

    Two Harbors: If you like oasis/90s brit rock then maybe...

    I don't follow the local music scene. At all. But I read this article about a minnesota band that had their newest album mastered at abbey road studios and so I decided to pick up the CD. The music isn't very original, but I kind of like it nonetheless. Probably because this is the kind of...
  20. Kazaam

    Anyone know of "cat-resistant" sturdy speaker stands?

    I don't yet have a cat, but am considering (maybe) getting one sometime this summer. I'm also thinking about redoing some of my home theater: possible new tv and TV stand. And since my current Boltz speaker stands would look out of place next to anything non-Boltz, I guess I'd be needing new...