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  1. jamhead

    So, it's been a minute...let's see if I can figure out to make this work again...

    Hey yromj. Good hearing from you. 3 words. Power Sound Audio. Tom V of old SVS. His company. I own their dual 15” sealed and could not be happier performance vs cost.
  2. jamhead

    "Classic" movies to watch with my kids?

    My daughter is 15- and for Halloween, she really enjoyed Secret Window and Sleepy Hollow. other movies she really liked were Uncle Buck, My Cousin Vinnie, Mud, Napoleon Dynamite, Crazy Rich Asians, Back to the Future.
  3. jamhead

    Home Theater Paint/Furniture Make-Over

    That looks great! Excellent job.
  4. jamhead

    Garage amp needed

    Thanks for the input. My main concern is temperature / humidity swings and wondering if a pro amp would hold up better than a home A/V. Audiosource is one I've been looking into - and will keep an eye out.
  5. jamhead

    Garage amp needed

    I am in need of a 2 channel amp to run a pair of JBL speakers in my garage. I had an Onkyo 2 channel amp there for 10 years - but it died. For garage use, is there a durable amp I should look at? I’ll be using my phone to stream music via Bluetooth.
  6. jamhead

    Weekend coffee table refinish

    Simply awesome.
  7. jamhead

    I am

    I would urge you to listen/watch at least the first 10 minutes of the movie IT. You may not be into horror, but there is a scene where Georgie goes into the basement. Nothing happens, but the expectation is there and if memory serves me correctly - you get a sense of how the movie is recorded...
  8. jamhead

    I am

    On her immaculate collection (greatest hits) they use a recording technique that places sounds in a 3 dimensional space. It is an extremely impressive mix- sounds coming from above - and when she whispers Vogue - you’d swear she was whispering in your ear.
  9. jamhead

    I am

    Movies: First minute of Edge of Tomorrow - seriously - first few seconds - before the credits- insanely loud and low end bass. Had to be an accident in mixing. The entire movie IT - actually one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard Beach bomb scene in Dunkirk music: Telarc’s 1812 Overture -...
  10. jamhead

    I am

  11. jamhead

    THX Question

    I don’t actually go anywhere anymore- but once this virus passes, that would be great. Winston’s not a far drive at all. I would extend the same courtesy to you - if you feel the need to head south to Charlotte. I would love for someone on the forum to listen to my system as well. the only...
  12. jamhead

    Hanna (TV) vs. Hanna (movie)

    I really enjoyed the series. A little slow at times, but when the action kicked in - it was very well done.
  13. jamhead

    THX Question

    what part of N.C. are you in? I’m in Charlotte.
  14. jamhead

    Which way should I go?

    Is ATI fixing it or a local company? I’d call ATI and see what they say. I think the only 2 amps I’d look at now are ATI or Parasound. of course, I’ve been out of the loop for years now.
  15. jamhead

    Transfer CD's to Thumb-drive

    All right. Thanks guys. Looks like I’m SOL for now.
  16. jamhead

    Transfer CD's to Thumb-drive

    No sir. No computers at the moment. 3 phones and a tablet.
  17. jamhead

    Transfer CD's to Thumb-drive

    Just looking for a little guidance. My wife purchased a car recently and it does not have a CD player (we realize most cars don't anymore). However, she has a large amount of Live Pearl Jam CD's that she likes to listen to while driving to and from work. What would be the best way to have...
  18. jamhead

    Well, now I know..

    I’m sorry Haywood but I had to laugh when you said they sound good and then they were relegated to the bathroom.
  19. jamhead


    Emotiva is not a company I would consider.
  20. jamhead

    How to know you have an outstanding system

    My Dyns and acoustically treated room sound so good.... even Taylor Swift sounds amazing. :shocked: