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    I am using a pioneer reciever (there marketing says 105 wpc).i get enough volume driving def-tech mythos 1s. I see cructhfeild has a onyko m-282 stereo power amp for 229. i do have pre-outs,would using a power amp like this give better quality playback for music using the recevers pre-outs?
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    robin trower

    saw him this year at the Wang Theater in boston, still has all his skills,just a lot less hair like most of us longtime fans http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=0tLsFsGxLmE
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    Too slim

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    Gone but not forgotten

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    For rush fans,there on palladia mon.nite at 8
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    young bands

    never seen some of the bands you guys mention,But on palladia just wacthed mumford and sons and now the black keys are on. very interesting.
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    toni Iommi has cancer

    Would hope the best for anyone,but i always loved his playing
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    Band of brothers

    Ive never wacthed band of brothers, Im home alone today and put on spike this morning and there having a marothon. except to use the bathroom or get some food,ive been mesmorized all day. It makes me so proud of those who have ever served .
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    Xmas music

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    In Between Rock/blues

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    guitar amp baffle

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipSspfDNVGc with some bass nipple on the side
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    danny bryant

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    Red,White and Blues festval

    took the wife and 2 grandkids to okemo mountain in vermont for blues and bbq. Nobby Reed (a local blues man up 1st) great time, Favorite songs were' Condition Blue and 'Why"'
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    Robin Trower

    saw trower 2 weekends ago in boston at the wilbur ,age hasnt dampened his guitar playing or passion. favorite songs of the night for me was Lady love and too rolling stoned.
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    corner bass traps

    For bass trapping only, Is it ok to spray the entire surface with adhesive? And would some artwork painted with fabric paint be okay?
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    new plasma

    After thinking about whether to save money and go with 720pvs.1080p, I measured screen to head distance and its only 7.5 feet, So i went with a 50 inch 1080p (panny s30) Im not interested in 3d or internet apps .i had a 5% off coupon for that tv at bb and the final was 949. I gave a deftech...
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    720p plasmas can be had for a song while they last, for mostly sports with an occasional movie In a light controlled room,Would the picture rival a good lcd?(sony bravia)
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    couple or de-couple

    what are some of the reasons to couple or de-couple speakers from the floor?
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    what do you guys use to help keep speakers from falling off stands easily? I would like to be able to get some from lacal stores like bb-radio shack,home depot-ect..