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  1. nelmr

    IEMs more dangerous beyond just merely being super efficent?

    I used to think all the warnings about IEMs being dangerous is because of them being so efficient and can easily be used at loud levels and maybe if you inserted them too deep. But then I came across this: http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/110 ... erADEL.pdf Thoughts?
  2. nelmr

    Two sources into one subwoofer?

    Hi everyone, it's been a while. I'm thinking about doing the following but wanted to make sure this won't cause any problems. Hopefully this isn't like using a y-splitter in reverse, but I want to make sure it indeed is not the same. I have my PC and HT in the same room. My PC has it's own 2.0...
  3. nelmr

    Plasma vs. LCD - a simple test

    Well during the Superbowl we had several people over. I had the Plasma hooked up in the main room to the DVR/FiberOptic TV and the LCD in the other room using pure OTA. Both TVs have been calibrated using the S&V disk. The LCD is a 60hz 1080p set from Sharp Aquaos(2.5 years old). The Plasma is...
  4. nelmr

    HSU VTF-15H Audioholics Indepth Review

    http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/speakers/subwoofers/vtf-15h That website also has reviews from the same reviewer of the SVS PB12-Plus ($1448 shipped) and Rythmik FV15HP ($1339 shipped) subs as comparisons. The HSU as you know is $1018 shipped. From what I can tell, the other two subs do...
  5. nelmr

    Cool/futuristic - but not practical for good PQ?

    Transparent OLED for laptops: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPY7WYBtq8w
  6. nelmr

    Rainbow effects on Plasma?

    So far I have been enjoying my new plasma but... I can see rainbow effects when there is a thin/small white area surround by black. I can see it mostly if my head moves up or down or my eyes scan up or down. I don't know if I can see it if the said white areas moves on the actual screen or not...
  7. nelmr

    Buzzing 3.5mm stereo extender?

    I bought a 12 foot 3.5mm (1/8 inch) stereo plug extender cable from amazon for about $3. I never have had any issues buying cheap cables but this time is different. This cable is so that I can hide a cable run from my PC to my TV (then the signal gets run to my sub's x-over and finally to the...
  8. nelmr

    Plasma Break In - Breakin Slides/DVDS or just Babysit?

    Hi everyone, over at ASVForums you can find a break-in DVD (or slides if you just want to use a thumb-drive/sd card). Some people run these for the first 100 hours non-stop. Some run them and turn the set off from time to time so it doesn't stay on for 100 hours straight. Some say you should...
  9. nelmr

    Visual Danger with 3DTV?

    I saw this article: http://www.audioholics.com/news/editori ... our-health And was wondering if this is really a potential cause for concern or not. I remember as a kid (don't know how old but likely around the age of 7 or older) I had a stereogram book that I loved to stare at. I didn't know...
  10. nelmr

    Paradigm to make active speakers for ipod/computer use...

    http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/spea ... ctive-atom It's odd they name those speakers the A2, sounds like they may be competing with the Audioengine speakers (similar price point too).
  11. nelmr

    Just bought a Panasonic TC-P50GT25 - advice about burn in

    So I've never owned a Plasma before. I currently have a 52" Sharp LCD in my main room. Originally I was looking for a 42' in set for the office but I ended up finding the 50" for not much more. Therefore, I probably will move the LCD to the office and keep the plasma for the main room. So what...
  12. nelmr


    Anybody get these? I probably have one every month or two or so. Hard to say. Sometimes a long time goes by without them, sometimes, I get them more often. It's kind of random. But nevertheless, pretty infrequent. I found this (click hear to download MP3)online which pretty much nails the sound...
  13. nelmr

    Third Generation SVS M series speakers

    Excuse me if this has been discussed before but... They have changed the crossovers, tweeter, and woofers. Has anyone heard these yet? http://svsound.com/products-spks-mts02.cfm I also noticed this thread over at home theater shack where Ron Stimpson from SVSound comments on the new design...
  14. nelmr

    SPL logging with REW - cool!

    I just found out that REW has an SPL logging function. For example, below you'll see the 2nd set of cannon blasts towards the end of the 1812 overture. The Red and blue lines represent the Peak SPL (red) and Minimum Fast (blue) levels. The yellow is the Maximum Fast SPL. The black trace is the...
  15. nelmr

    My office setup (Audioengine A2, SVS 20-39PCI)

    Well I finally setup the sub and measured the desk chair response. The room is 12x10x8 sealed. ...and this is compared with my main room (light blue is using DIY WM-61A generic calibration, which I used in the office measurements too): Not too bad for a second system!
  16. nelmr

    Realtek HD Audio Sound Manager - anyone use this with a Sub?

    My built in soundcard on my desktop uses the Realtek HD Audio Sound Manager. I am trying to hook up my sub and select 5.1 without the center or surrounds. The thing is I'm having trouble because the Center and Subwoofer connect are together on a stereo 3.5mm plug. I have a 3.5mm to RCA plugs...
  17. nelmr

    Desktop vs. Laptop soundcards

    Well, here is my Dell desktop response prior to calibration (using the front mic and headphone jacks): I find this more disturbing then my laptop which again, is the following: The reason I measured my desktop is that I have an office system (that will soon be getting my SVS 20-39). I...
  18. nelmr

    Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS)

    Okay, so is this dangerous or not? From what I've read if this happens one should remember what caused it and avoid repeating it. Well, I have mild temporary threshold shift with small bit of ache in my right ear. This occurred after listening to my sub trying to play the loudest scene in the...
  19. nelmr

    New VTF-15H measurements - Using the DIY WM-61A Mic

    This should be much more accurate than the RS meter measurements found at this post (you can click to compare if you'd like): http://www.theaudioannex.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1063 Anyway, here is the FR response from 10-100 (I up'ed it from 80). The main Right Front speaker is on but...
  20. nelmr

    DIY Mic (WM-61A) vs. RS Meter - my measurements

    Okay, I finished my measurement mic. I bought some helping hands with alligator clips and this helped a lot. I was able to successfully solder my first capsule on the first try, albeit my soldering could have been a better - but it works so that's what counts right? Anyway, I hooked it up to my...