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Search results

  1. Aaron German

    Help - Looking for a receiver - I don't know anything anymore

    Hey all, I haven't been around here for a long, long time. After I reached the financial limits of my audio system, my interests just kind of wandered elsewhere. And I started farming, which didn't leave me much free time. Nor did it help the pocket book. But now my Marantz SR 7400, bought...
  2. Aaron German

    Bringing Back Dynamic Range - Turn Me Up!

    I just came across a group called "Turn Me Up." They want to develop a certification program for albums with greater dynamic range than is currently the norm. Here's an excerpt from their website ( http://www.turnmeup.org/about_us.shtml ): "Founded by Grammy-winning engineer/producer Charles...
  3. Aaron German

    Gym Floor Mats under Subwoofer

    The other night, I was getting annoyed by the rattling of my house caused by my subwoofer. And it got me thinking. Since my sub is on a floor that is above the basement, I thought a lot of the noise could be cured by getting a Subdude or something similar. Then it occurred to me that I had a...
  4. Aaron German

    What have you heard live recently?

    I thought it was kind of weird that we have never had a thread for live show reports. So here it is. Right now, I am waiting to go see Nathaniel Bartlett. He's playing for free (I'm sure that our tax dollars are paying this) just down the street at the University of Kentucky. What grabbed my...