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  1. Alien

    I'm baaaaaaack....

    Yes I live in muskegon! Thanks so much for the compliments it means a lot from the calibre of YOU guys! Don't know why the ceiling looks so crooked in that shot...it comes down a little since there's about only a 1" dip in the foundation floor there I built over top of.
  2. Alien

    I'm baaaaaaack....

    Yes that is me! All is well! She's five, no FIVE already. Thanks for compliments guys a really appreciate it. The traps work quite well...I made them from some rock wool I found at the local home depot. This stuff was cheap and harder to work with than my other panels but well worth it...
  3. Alien

    I'm baaaaaaack....

  4. Alien

    Time to build new Acoustic Panels...

    Better, and at a fraction of the cost of, fiberglass... http://www.atsacoustics.com/cat--Fiberg ... --106.html
  5. Alien

    Speaker cable vibration?

    If it was vibrating so hard it changed the sound why didn't he just put on new binding posts.
  6. Alien

    Is there an audible difference between CD and "HD" audio?

    Re: Is there an audible difference between CD and "HD" audio I used to use my SACD player in my system but never got a real apples to apples comparison between it and the HD layers of hybrid disks for example. The reason being was that the outputs for CD were optical and the HD was analog...
  7. Alien

    Question on Speaker Enclosures

    The same material and thickness, and assembly method too.
  8. Alien

    MBL: Video makes fun of audiophiles

    I didn't know the CD players were ginormous like that.
  9. Alien

    Loudness Wars explained in simple terms

    I downloaded a single from iTunes for an album due to release on the 13th. They compressed the shit out of most of it, except for 2 specific pieces where the difference is remarkable and viewable on Wavepad. I'm confident that the album release won't be like that. They're audiophiles, opting...
  10. Alien

    Need plans for Cetec Gauss 18"

    By the numbers that thing looks pretty capable.
  11. Alien

    Measurements: Love them or Hate them

    Well...I believe that musical enjoyment does center around a 3 dimensional degree of accuracy. So I guess how some with the same thought but with a lot of time and money to burn could overwhelm themselves with the accuracy goal...for even more enjoyment.
  12. Alien

    Measurements: Love them or Hate them

    I love them. The guys that don't want to or can't understand them, just look at the price tag...more digits means it's better they think.
  13. Alien

    Bass trap

    I'm considering using rock wool, a.k.a. mineral wool, a.k.a. Roxul for a bass trap. I found 13 cubic feet of it for cheap. My question about using it for bass traps though, should I compress it to increase density?
  14. Alien

    Why do Kef Muon speakers cost $198,000?

    I guess aluminum is the best there is for cabinets.
  15. Alien

    Kids: Don't try this at home!

    I hope they did an x-ray or ct scan on it. Since he was acting nuts and the loop of bowel went the through the abdominal wall and had been that way for a while, the bowel can hemorrhage or rupture and toxify your blood; basically with poo...causing shock and odd behaviour.
  16. Alien

    Transformers 3... scenes ripped from The Island...

    I don't find anything too surprising about that. They do the very same thing with the last two Terminator movies too...the wrecking-ball-on-a-truck thing. And honorable mention is a way overused line in movie dialog involving any superior vs. subordinate that's been gone a while that I don't...
  17. Alien

    Why do Kef Muon speakers cost $198,000?

    Overpriced speakers are in the same realm as overpriced sports cars. Any website that features auto racing will have at least three videos of a rather inexpensive custom built tuner blowing the doors off of an overpriced production model. I don't know anybody who could make their own custom...
  18. Alien

    FLINT: IB Subwoofer Project

    To paraphrase what I've read about what other people say; it's realistic enough to not be able to tell between it and really being where ever the movie takes you.
  19. Alien

    Another sub position question

    Yeah I would think that in that short of a frequency range you could transpose whatever you measure to the other sub, it seems the best you could do with the situation. The only other factor I could think of is the phase response...
  20. Alien

    Maybe I will build my own center channel....

    I'm wondering "where" exactly those are coming from, seeing as they're manufactured in-house.