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Search results

  1. Snowman_

    The Shining prequel?

    Looks like Warner Brothers are planning to make a prequel to The Shining. http://www.examiner.com/article/the-shi ... ng-forward I've also heard that Stephen King is planning to release a book that follows the little boy "Danny" into adulthood. Could be a couple of good stories if done well...
  2. Snowman_

    My Father-In-Law's vintage speakers

    We brought these to my house to listen in my media room. We haven't connected them yet. He bought them in 1971. I don't know what they are designed to be- High Fidelity, Public Address, etc. They are 4-way and the tweeter has a wave guide. Woofer is 12". Here is the inside. I wish I still...
  3. Snowman_

    How do you tell?

    When you see a product like the one below, how do you tell whether it can produce nice results for critical listening or just suitable to run a Radio Shack coaxial in some guys garage? http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdet ... er=300-812
  4. Snowman_

    Absorbtion over screen?

    Most of us have a big TV screen between our front speakers. When listening to 2 channel, is there anything to be gained by placing an absorption panel over the screen? I've been doing it lately, and I don't notice any negative effects.