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    An interesting read: https://bigthink.com/neuropsych/frisson-song-playlist/ Wish I had Spotify, I'd like to give that a listen. What songs give you the goosebumps? My list would include Dire Straits Telegraph Road Barbra Streisand Somewhere Doobies Another Park Another Sunday Dream Theater...
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    MotoGP on NBC!

    Unlike a lot of you guys I'm not too much into auto racing, but I really do like watching motorcycle racing, specifically MotoGP. I have a few DVDs of specific seasons and a couple compilations. I looked into buying the streaming channel to watch it real time, but at $165/year (last time I...
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    C. W. McCall and Mannheim Steamroller

    Bill Fries died this week. CBS Sunday Morning named him as CW McCall (Convoy) but I could've sworn that was Chip Davis, founder of Mannheim Steamroller. Went to Wiki and learned Chip actually produced those records, and even earned a Country Music Songwriter of the Year award (he was not fond...
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    The Live Show thread

    I'm fairly certain this thread exists somewhere, but I couldn't find it in the first 5 pages of the "Music" subforum, nor in the "Misc" forum, so I'll start a new one (granted, not many live shows these last two years...) Anyhoo, just saw a Dream billing on facebook: Steely Dan and Snarky...
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    Telecomm question

    I know a couple of you here work in telecomm, and a few other smart people here, I have a dumb question: During the Gulf War, live TV reporting was always plagued by a several second delay between a newscaster here in the US asking a question, and the reporter in the Middle East actually hearing...
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    Studio 666

    The last movie I saw in a theater was the original Spiderman flick; I'm not much of a movie person. But I AM going to see this!! :happy: I love comedy-horror, I love "making music" docs, and I love the Foos; this is gonna be fun!
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    Time and Notation

    There's prolly only two others on this forum who will enjoy this, so feel free to skip. Following complicated tablature, in the early days, was my downfall as a musician, but playing jazz, by feel, I could settle in and Just Do It (even though I had a minor in Math). This video said a lot...
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    Steve Vai

    "The Professor of Rock" interviews Steve Vai here: I was familiar with his work in FZ's band, did NOT know how deeply he understood music, nor his work with David Lee Roth (whom I had dismissed when he left Van Halen). I may have to pick up "Eat 'em and Smile", the little bit I heard...
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    In the Court of the Crimson King

    Oooh!! Can't wait to see this documentary! :bouncygrin:
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    Just saw a great interview with Edgar Winter, on how he wrote, retired, re-wrote his killer track Frankenstein, one of my favorite records ever. One of my big regrets of my decades in the music biz is never being able to get a band to try this, I had the synths capable and it would've...
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    Roundabout - Yes

    Here, Rick Beato dissects my favorite Yes track, and finds a few tidbits I've missed all these years (Wakeman is still an asshole, but damn he could play)
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    This rollercoaster is about ten miles south of me. I've never been on it, but this video was fun: It starts with an elevator ride inside this tunnel, you don't see anything until you come out the top, directly into an inverted drop, ugh!
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    Streaming ads during your TV programming

    I was wondering when they were going to try something like this. https://www.pcmag.com/news/roku-smart-tvs-are-displaying-ads-over-live-broadcasts?utm_source=email&utm_campaign=whatsnewnow&utm_medium=image
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    Joni Mitchell's "River"

    A brand-new video for a very old song. Beautiful.
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    Phil Collins - Against All Odds

    I like to watch an occasional video from "The Professor of Rock". This one gave me some good background: This song was a favorite of mine, and one of the few tunes for which I purchased the sheet music and learned to play (I'm a terrible sight reader). This video is a bit longer than most...
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    Burt Bacharach/Hal David

    A great doc on PBS right now about Burt Bacharach. Okay, Music for Squares, but I learned trombone from gradeschool thru high school via these songs. Lots of interesting chord changes, but what was really unusual in this music was the constant time changes: a song in 4/4, then a bar of 3/4...
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    Adele fans

    Just a head's-up, Adele's "comeback" concert will be on CBS tonight, 7 MST. The venue looked stunning in the previews, outdoors at some observatory. I'm looking forward to it.
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    Orthodox Jews praising Jesus, Philip Bailey, canned hams, Eggplants, fuzz boxes and goat farmers

    This song caught my ear in a big way, sonically, when it came out. Fascinating story about it and the artist:
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    Starbuck, the French Connection, Für Elise, Albino Moose and fast Marimbas

    I've been following a EweTube channel called "Professor of Rock", it's almost as good as Rick Beato, but no music theory. Today my feed had a One-Hit Wonder featuring a blazing marimba solo; I knew what song he was talking about, could even hear much of the solo in my head, but the rest of the...
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    Squeeze, Paul Carrack, Elvis Costello and "Tempted"

    The period of 1983-1987 was a period of growth/change for me; left home, first Air Force assignment, traveling the States/world, good bands, some success with girls, and even some money to spend. I was absorbing music like a sponge but if I had to pick one band as my soundtrack for that period...