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  1. jamhead

    Garage amp needed

    I am in need of a 2 channel amp to run a pair of JBL speakers in my garage. I had an Onkyo 2 channel amp there for 10 years - but it died. For garage use, is there a durable amp I should look at? I’ll be using my phone to stream music via Bluetooth.
  2. jamhead

    Transfer CD's to Thumb-drive

    Just looking for a little guidance. My wife purchased a car recently and it does not have a CD player (we realize most cars don't anymore). However, she has a large amount of Live Pearl Jam CD's that she likes to listen to while driving to and from work. What would be the best way to have...
  3. jamhead

    How to know you have an outstanding system

    My Dyns and acoustically treated room sound so good.... even Taylor Swift sounds amazing. :shocked:
  4. jamhead

    Tool's Back

  5. jamhead

    Epson 5020ub bulb needed

    I'm in need of a new bulb for my PJ and was wondering if anyone knew of a reputable source in which to buy. I've been more than pleased with the original bulb and looking to buy a back up. Epson has them for 300 bucks. Curious if anyone knew of a potential second source. Thank you.
  6. jamhead

    Rhythm of the Heat

    Not only a great song.........but a fantastic demo track for stereo imaging and dynamics. Watched the high end speaker video posted by Titanium Troy (thanks) and thought..... I would play this track instead of some I heard. Great album as well - but this song ALWAYS blows people away when...
  7. jamhead

    AVS Forum Dynaudio Thread

    I quit visiting the Dynaudio speaker thread a couple years ago due to the overabundance of arrogance/snobbery and downright silliness. Today, popped in to see if things had changed and this is what I saw: "I will add a bit of “Naim recommendations”,it is a good practice to occaisionlly...
  8. jamhead


    Absolutely loved the book..... Hated the TV series...... Can't wait for the movie......
  9. jamhead

    Sony XBR55-900e

    As you may remember, we got hit by lightning a couple months ago and my RPTV's convergence went out. I was able to manually adjust it so we've been watching a slightly blurred set for awhile. My insurance covered a lot of items we lost, including the tree, but gave us 700 bucks to replace the...
  10. jamhead


    anyone else enjoy some Primus now and then?
  11. jamhead

    Time for a new display

    So our tree in the front yard got hit with lightning the other night. Going through our house to find all the damage (there is quite a bit, from the garage door, to landscape lights I installed myself over a 2 month period - actually, I'm most pissed about this....front and back yard, low...
  12. jamhead

    ATI Class D Amps

    Rammis....... What's your take on these? I remember lengthy discussions a few years ago where Class D technology wasn't quite there yet. Don't remember why but thought the consensus was increased distortion (IM?). Would like to know your opinion. I have an 1802 and love the amp with my 4...
  13. jamhead


    just listened this evening after way too long. What an amazing album. After years of listening....still amazing.
  14. jamhead

    New Receiver needed

    and I haven't looked to see what was out there for a long time. This is for my family room. Very imperfect, casual viewing / rare movie watching room. Back ground music listening. (I have my dedicated room for the serious stuff). I have a 2.1 setup, with Klipsch Reference and SVS sub and...
  15. jamhead

    Splitting preamp signal

    Quick question...coworker is looking to run a preamp out into a y connector with one end hooked to an amp and the other to another amp. I say the preamp signal is halved to each, with greater chance of clipping turning up volume. What say you?
  16. jamhead

    Power Sound Audio S3000i

    Tom and Jim came through and sent the amp overnight this week. I replaced the amp today (sorry Barney...couldn't get photos of the inside of the sub). The drivers are very serious, with massive magnets. I spent about 2 hours calibrating it for use with 2 channel music (I will perform a...
  17. jamhead

    Advice needed....

    Should I celebrate my new job by replacing my SVS 25-31nsd in my dedicated music / ht room with the PSA s3000i? Chris- you were in the room....what do you think?
  18. jamhead

    Projector dilema..need help fast

    What should I do: Epson 5020 wireless refurb: $1999. Pair with a 90" 16:9 screen and hope the screen will fit (it will be close). -Mount epson on shelf 17" above top of screen (need to make shelf) Panasonic ae8000: 1899 new after rebate. Pair with 103" 2.35 screen -place on table behind...
  19. jamhead

    Impulse buy.....

    I never buy on impulse, but today, based on a post over at AVS forum, I called OPPO to see if they had any refurbished BDP 103's (was looking to buy once my room was ready....which it's not...not even close). They did, so I bought one for $433 shipped (close to 100 bucks off). I plan on using...
  20. jamhead

    Bass Trap

    So, what's the better bass trap... 1) 4" of OC703 straddling a corner with an air gap behind (24" wide face on the trap) 2) Superchunk of OC703 cut into triangles (24" wide face...17" sides to corner). 3) 4" of OC703 next to a corner with a 1" air gap behind - where one side of the trap would...