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  1. Huey

    Lego DC Super Villains

    Picked this up on Black Friday for 15 bucks, and so far I am enjoying what little bit I have played. You get to play as a Super Villain, but at the same time, some "Super Hero's" from an alternative universe zaps the real super hero's away, and are the games true villain's.
  2. Huey

    The Outer Worlds

    Picked this one up on Saturday, didn't get a chance to play it until yesterday afternoon due to an update it needed, but it is by the same group that did Fallout New Vegas, which I loved. Visually it looks a little different, almost cel shaded at times. From what little I played, it seems to...
  3. Huey

    From the Earth to the Moon

    HBO is rereleasing the series on July 15th, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. Will be available to stream on that date, and they will broadcast them all on July 20th. Supposed to be remastered in high definition, as well as remastered CGI. Don't remember if it aired...
  4. Huey

    Star Wars: Fallen Order

    This looks pretty good.
  5. Huey

    Starwars: The Rise of Skywalker

    I'm just gonna leave this here. Gotta say, the laugh at the end has me a little excited.
  6. Huey

    Cutting the Cord?

    I've been really leaning towards getting rid of Dish lately, but unsure of what is out there to replace it with. Currently we have Hulu commercial free, Netflix, HBO GO, and Prime. I just added HBO GO on the Prime app, and I really like that I can do that. The only reason we haven't dumped...
  7. Huey

    Fan-O-Rama:A Futurama Fan Film

    I've had this bookmarked on Youtube for awhile, and finally got around to seeing it. Production values look to be really good for a film like this, although the jokes fall pretty flat. Says it's 31 minutes long, but in reality it's only 17 or 18 minutes of film, trailer, a short parody...
  8. Huey

    Me, Myself and I

    I think the show has been canceled, and they have been airing the remaining episodes this summer, but did anybody catch the show when it was on? The premise is that it shows a person at three different stages of his life, Jr High, just after his divorce and as a retired, wealthy inventor played...
  9. Huey

    The Netflix Thread

    Netflix is getting so prolific with shows lately, and they really don't do much marketing for the shows that most of the time I find myself stumbling onto a show, rather than actively seeking it out. Figured I'd start a thread just for Netflix shows rather than having a bunch of single threads...
  10. Huey

    Gary Puckett

    I was briefly listening to Howard Stern the other day, and he mentioned an article about songs from the past that couldn't be made today, and Gary Puckett and the Uniion Gap was mentioned for the song Lady Willpower. I've always liked the song, until it was pointed out that he was trying to get...
  11. Huey

    Karate Kid Fans?

    This actually doesn't look bad, although I'm not sure I would subscribe just to watch it.
  12. Huey

    Speaker Wire

    I know we don't need a thread on speaker wire, but I wanted to ask about some wire I picked up at home depot awhile back. When I bought my SVS speakers awhile back, I needed new wire, and home depot had 12 gauge audio/video wire, only thing it was solid copper wire, not twisted strands like we...
  13. Huey

    Stargate Drive to Revive

    There's a group of people trying to get another Stargate movie or series going, and I believe it was the original producers of the tv show. Supposedly there is going to be a tweet storm, or something like that coming up, as well as to promote the new series, Stargate Origins. I would probably...
  14. Huey

    Thinking of getting a new receiver

    Where is the most economical place to buy a decent one. Been looking on Amazon, stayed mostly with Yamaha as I've owned 4 of them and really have never had a problem with them. I have to ask, when did pre-outs go out of style? In order to get a Yamaha with pre-outs, the cheapest one I could...
  15. Huey

    Netflix and 4K

    I did a little searching yesterday at AVS, specifically about my tv and audio issue it is still having. Kind of glad I did as I had forgotten the best input on the tv was HDMI 1. Someone also was talking about Planet Earth II being 4K on Netflix. Sure enough, when I pulled up Netflix in my...
  16. Huey

    4K Movies

    One of the first movies I owned on DVD and then Bluray was Starship Troopers. Not a great movie by any means, but a fun movie none the less. Wife got it for me for Christmas in 4K, so I watched some of it last night. I noticed "noise" in certain scenes, and I've noticed this on other 4K...
  17. Huey


    Anybody watch this since it was released on Netflix on Friday? I had to chance to catch it yesterday, and it's just ok. I don't think it's as big a turd as critics are calling it, but it does seem to be missing something. Will Smith's character certainly doesn't come off as loveable or even...
  18. Huey

    New TV

    It was the wife's big shopping day yesterday, so we were able to finally get the 70" Vizio tv that I had decided to get. Of course, there always has to be problems. My tv stand, which has severed me well for 3 DLP's, didn't work well with the new peg legged tv. Ended up screwing a couple of 1...
  19. Huey

    Justice League

    Anybody go see it this weekend? Not getting the best reviews, and it didn't have the kind of numbers they were looking for, but it still did ok. LINK to the article with opening weekend numbers. I almost wish they would go the route of Marvel, and make the movies a little less dark with a...
  20. Huey

    New TV Time

    So yesterday I had some time to kill and was in the electronics section in Walmart. I see they had a 70 inch Vizio 4K tv for a little under $1300. Wife has a one day shopping event coming up, where we get 25% off everything we buy that day, so it would put the tv at a little under a $1000...