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  1. Flint

    A new receiver. Again.

    Many of the characteristics we associate with "quality" have nothing to do with performance, but they can sometimes increase reliability - though some do nothing to make the component longer-lived. A heavy chassis has very little to do with performance and rarely with reliability. In most cases...
  2. Flint

    What Are You Listening To?

    Today The Who just released their first full-length album of new music since the 1980s. Called "WHO", it has their regular stage rhythm section and some pretty well orchestrated strings and brass filling in the performances by Pete and Roger. I've been listening to individual tracks on YouTube...
  3. Flint

    Who's excited about The Grand Tour?

    The guys from The Grand Tour are out promoting the new series, apparently called "The Grand Tour presents SEAMEN". They are not revealing anything, but they have been blowing up media sites like Youtube, FB, and others with interviews, interesting personal stories, and such like crazy. Anyone...
  4. Flint

    I have decided I don't need surround sound, ever

    No amount of speakers can compensate for poor listener to speaker placement and poor acoustics. If you have a perfect stereo system with an absolutely ideal sweet spot, the sound-field and stereo image can easily virtually simulate sound coming from anywhere in the room. I've heard it and listen...
  5. Flint

    What Movie(s) Did You Watch Today?

    I watched this short documentary about the catholic native community near my hometown. I watched this procession every year and enjoyed being friends with these people throughout my youth. One note, you may notice that all these people with Native American / Mexican / and long time local...
  6. Flint

    What are you watching via streaming?

    Look, I really liked "Fleabag", I did! But all this talk of it being the best TV of 2019 is just, well, too much.
  7. Flint

    The return of Velodyne?

    https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/velodyne-acoustics-revitalised?fbclid=IwAR048v29E75WIOzTGNSXpe9FjgHsu7JmmVG4sfCU5WqLgGnTiPiEKFnwZ5w In their day, Velodyne was an incredibly innovative company who found a way to deliver what was at the time an incredible amount of bass at affordable prices. In...
  8. Flint

    What are you watching via streaming?

    I just watched a condensed version of the Seinfeld "Soup Nazi" episode with the laugh track removed. It was sad.
  9. Flint

    So who's got Disney + ?

    I must have grown old. When I am out in nature, the last thing I ever want to see is a movie.
  10. Flint

    New Guy getting Rocketman speakers.

    Looking cool!
  11. Flint

    So who's got Disney + ?

    And here I thought camping was all about an escape - getting away from all the responsibilities and distractions of one's daily life and the modern world.
  12. Flint

    Flint’s Spectacular Revealing Loudspeaker Auditioning Music Playlist

    I was looking for this to send to a friend and couldn't find it. So, I am creating a new thread with the list to reference in the future. feel free to add your favorite loudspeaker auditioning tracks in your replies. I haven't updated this list in a long time, so I am missing out on a ton of...
  13. Flint

    Roku vs Firestick and Live TV

    When you run the test, be sure no one is else is streaming at the same time.
  14. Flint

    What are you watching via streaming?

    I really am confused... are you not running the CBS App? I used to get HBO Now and EPIX through Amazon, and when I played those videos through the Amazon interface, it fired up the respective apps to access them.
  15. Flint

    What are you watching via streaming?

    If I were you, I'd open a ticket with CBS, not Amazon. I had an issue with shows freezing in the early days of CBS All Access and they gathered a ton of info from me and fixed it on the platform.
  16. Flint

    So who's got Disney + ?

    I cannot express how frightening it is to see a guy at night alone in his car with the entertainment system, including his dash screen, playing content. With no one else in the car, I have to assume he looks at the screen fr more often than is safe.
  17. Flint

    What are you watching via streaming?

    For about two weeks I've had serious playback issues with CBS All Access. Since I pay for the lower cost service with commercials, I get frustrated that the commercials will play before the show I want to watch, then the screen goes black and doesn't start playing before I lose my cool and...
  18. Flint

    So who's got Disney + ?

    One of the reasons Disney waited so long to launch their service was to get greater assurance that the quality to each user is up to their stringent standards. Regardless of my opinions of their content, as a company they have always put a high priority on the quality of the end product as seen...
  19. Flint

    So who's got Disney + ?