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  1. Yesfan70

    Karate Kid Fans?

    Same as the others, not signing up just to watch it. If I'm able to binge watch it, maybe sign up for a month once the first season is done. I'm very interested in it though. The trailer gives me the impression Johnny is washed up, but still somewhat of a "good guy" while LaRusso is painted as...
  2. Yesfan70

    The Last Jedi - SPOILER Thread

    I have to disgaree. Sure, I hate that Finn made the decision to go against orders and decide to do a suicide run on taking out the "battle ram cannon" (whatever they called it), but Rose fucked that up by running into his speeder just for a peck on the cheek. At the time, the Resistance didn't...
  3. Yesfan70

    The Last Jedi - SPOILER Thread

    Ok, I'll give you that with the Kenobi/Yoda reference. Good point. I guess I wanted to see more of Luke from a Jedi Master point. We don't get that until the end, and he's killed off midway through the trilogy.
  4. Yesfan70

    The Last Jedi - SPOILER Thread

    Saw this movie last Saturday. I guess I'm in the minority. I thought Force Awakens, though heavily recycled from Ep 4, was much better than Jedi. At least Ep 7 was better than the prequels, this not much better. I thought for sure, when Leia was blown out into space, that was how she was going...
  5. Yesfan70

    Picking Nits

    I think in your situation it isn't 2.2 or even 2.1 for that matter. My guess is "full bandwidth stereo". Plus, it sounds cooler.
  6. Yesfan70

    Firing my Roku, going with Amazon Fire TV

    I've been happy with Roku, but I've been not too pleased with some of the apps I use, namely AMC. Every now and then, I have to verify that I have a provider, which means logging into My PSVue account to verify. Then wait for AMC to load the episode I'm wanting to watch. Dish was a lot higher...
  7. Yesfan70

    Malcolm Young Died This Morning

    Part of one of the best rhythm sections in a rock band imo. RIP Malcolm.
  8. Yesfan70

    Who sits down and listens to music?

    He's got me beat. I can't remember the last time I sat down to listen to music. My HT/bar area has become a junk room (again). My home brewing has even be affected. I'm loving the extra money OT has been given me this year, but it has put a dent in my leisure time with my hobbies.
  9. Yesfan70

    Brennan B2 music server

    I saw an ad for this on YT while watching some space stuff with my oldest son. Seems pretty cool, so I looked at it on Amazon. This seems pretty close to the long dead Squeezebox many of us here still enjoy, but at a steeper price. Has anyone seen or own one? How does it compare to other...
  10. Yesfan70

    Tom Petty- dead at 66

    RIP Mr Petty...... :(
  11. Yesfan70

    Rediscovering my Mackie HR824 Monitors!

    I used to have those same Mackies. I had a Klipsch tower setup which expanded into towers all around when I first got into the forums (S&V days). Sold those for a full 7.1 compliment of Mackie HR824s only to sell those for bookshelf versions of the Klipsch towers I used to own. The Mackies are...
  12. Yesfan70

    Rush fans

    Is it 5.1? Bluray audio? etc. etc? What is different than the previous remasters?
  13. Yesfan70

    Haywood's New YouTube Channel

    Just watched the intro video in the first post. Wow, awesome and straight to the point. That's usually what I prefer if I'm trying to learn about and/or research something. On an unrelated note......if that's your voice, you sound a little like Michael Dorn.
  14. Yesfan70

    David Lee Roth was a monster singer at 23 years old

    That was pretty cool!
  15. Yesfan70

    SVS Prime Sat's

    Just a trial run on smug mug. Apparently, you can't just right click/copy on the image or you paste the thumbnail instead of the larger picture as you see with the bottom two pics. I am on a trail run, so maybe ponying up for one of the pay plans changes that. The first pic was .png file and the...
  16. Yesfan70

    What concert/show are you going to?

    I recently saw Donald Fagen & The Nightflyers when they were in Chattanooga. Amazing show. Some of the fav tracks were FM, Green Earrings, a cool version of Shakedown Street, and of course New Frontier.
  17. Yesfan70

    Disney is leaving Netflix and doing their own streaming

    That bummed me out when I read it. I've not really been happy with internet TV as thought as I would. The biggest issue is with channel surfing. For some games, I hate having to go in and out of apps to catch games (Fox Sports to ESPN and back). Other is having to log in the app and verify your...
  18. Yesfan70

    What TV shows are you watching now?

    off the top of my head....... Black Sails Walking Dead Better Call Saul The Defenders (not yet, but will)
  19. Yesfan70

    Retire? Geddy & Alex ain't ever stopping!!!

    Interesting as in the past Geddy has made it clear, that he wouldn't want to remain in the band if Alex or Neil couldn't. Besides, I thought they were still going to record and/or do some small shows, just retiring from all the heavy touring. Another thing to consider is that not only was Neil...
  20. Yesfan70

    We've lost Walter Becker, a true musical genius

    I had read he was having health issues a few months ago. There were some tour dates that got cancelled because he was unable to play. That was the reasoning for Fagen putting together a whole new band and doing his Nightflyers tour this year. I saw Fagen & crew a few weeks ago in Chattanooga and...