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  1. yromj

    Guess What We Got

    One thing that impresses me to the point of continuing to surprising me is the bass these things have. Don't get me wrong I still want a sub but these will certainly tide me over until I get one. John
  2. yromj

    Guess What We Got

    I'll post some pics soon. It's been a long time since I sucked in a good way. John
  3. yromj

    Guess What We Got

    So after leaving the room and the gear in Hot Springs, our listening has been limited to a pair of Insignias. In the new house we have a room which have a 5.1 system in it. Balancing the funds and other priorities has resulted in keeping the Insignias longer than expected though. Well with...
  4. yromj

    Technics enters the high end.

    No...not really. See a chick in a bar once borrowed my belt...I can't even type that without shuddering... John
  5. yromj

    Well, now we know...

    @Zing don't get me wrong, you're probably dead on about digital trends BUT if I had to buy a sub right now without auditioning I would buy the PB16U based on my experience with PB13U. The power and subtlety of that sub are pretty amazing. Now do I KNOW that translates to the new model without...
  6. yromj

    Thiel is out of business

    One of my first aha moments in this hobby was when I heard pair of MSC1s. This was the first time I heard a 3D Soundstage and I will never forget it. RIP my 1st love John
  7. yromj

    LG's New 4k Projector

    I agree with that but it does say it can be ceiling mounted, but it's a pretty big box. John
  8. yromj

    Roku wireless speaker platform?

    I'm not sure about that being unique to Roku. IIRC Sonos came out with this about a year ago. I've not seen in action but a friend of mine who works for a Sonos dealer was telling me about it. John
  9. yromj

    LG's New 4k Projector

    Running across an article on Google news doesn't really count on working on my HT...or does it? John
  10. yromj

    LG's New 4k Projector

    Ran across this while browsing: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/lg-hu80ka-4k-uhd-projector-hdr/ John
  11. yromj

    Google Home Black Friday Deals

    Jomari, Great start to a long and twisted BUT FUN road (sound familiar on this forum?). IMHO, an easy next step is to add a lighting control device. Enjoy! John
  12. yromj

    TV Resolution Question

    This could be really helpful, or really mean if you're not ready to buy but here goes: https://www.cnet.com/news/lg-oled-tvs-will-hit-a-new-low-price-for-black-friday-nows-the-time-to-buy/ John
  13. yromj

    Dynaudio LYD Reference Studio Monitors

    My guess is that it gives a sense of detail and is exciting during a brief listening session. Then at home we get used to it or get fatigued. John
  14. yromj

    A nice sale on a couple SVS subs.

    Those are awesome prices for very good subs! John
  15. yromj

    Dynaudio LYD Reference Studio Monitors

    Those look interesting indeed. I would like to hear your thoughts after you hear them. I looked at the frequency response graphs for the 8" and I am surprised by the obvious bump above 10kHz. Most of us probably can't hear that but still... John
  16. yromj

    Inexpensive receiver?

    I thought you were going to say "well shit, that wasn't supposed to be a TUBA amp". John
  17. yromj

    My latest speaker project: JBL L100

    I've got a couple of rooms that are pretty sparse. I'll store them for ya. John
  18. yromj

    The Audiophiliac

    A response of "yeah, especially if you mean a BASKETBALL room like a gym" was probably in order. I agree with your statements about the status, too. John
  19. yromj

    My latest speaker project: JBL L100

    I always enjoy your projects Wards. Thanks for sharing. John
  20. yromj

    What are you doing with Alexa?

    One thing that you can't do (that I know of) is turn a light on for a set time. For example, "Alexa, turn on the lamp for five minutes". That can't be that hard to integrate. John