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4K HDMI Audio Extractor

The DirtMerchant

Well-Known Member
I have an old projector that I'm going to hook up for my kids to use their PS4 on.
I didn't even realize the slim PS4 doesn't have any audio out, only audio via HDMI.
So, I need an HDMI audio extractor. There's a lot on Amazon...I'd like a 4k version.
Any recommendations? Or any brand is fine?


(I assume 4k means it will pass through the 4k signal and a non-4k/1080p version would
end up downconverting 4k signal). That way I'm future proof-ish (the projector is 1080p I think)
but might end up with a 4k at some point!


Well-Known Member
This one is NOT 4K, but I am putting it here as an example of one I've bought that works:

I bought this one for use at church on our A/V cart- I wanted to strip the audio out of the HDMI signal before it went to the projector (because that Optoma projector is a selfish little turd and won't output audio, even from the 1/8" output jack) for sending to a decent speaker. It works great.

It looks like Amazon has a self branded one that says it's 4K compatible, I'd imagine that would work fine.