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Cynthia the Audio Belle: Has dinner with 4 middle aged audiophiles, one of which is me.


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At the April 2019 AXPONA, Wendell Diller director of marketing at Magnepan (actually he does much more for the company). Wanted to shoot a video of an informal get together of members of the Planer Asylum Forum, to talk about audio in general with some mention of Magnepan in the conversation somewhere.

None of this was scripted and was edited down from probably over an hour and half of video, if I had to guess. Cynthia is a very intelligent, young woman who works for the Dell corp. out of Oklahoma I believe. She introduced herself to Wendell during his tour of the Magnepan 30.7 speakers. Anyway he had her appear in a video regarding her experience being new to the audiophile world, he also hooked her up with Steve Guttenberg aka: The Audiophilac, of Cnet and youtube fame. Subsequently she has made more videos for Steve, mostly trying to present a young persons view on how to bring more people into the hobby.

In the conversation at Shaw's Crab Shack in Schaumburg IL, from left to right were Timm, Josh358, Cynthia, Macmagman and far right yours truly in yellow shirt. Wendell his excellent wife Galina and Eric of Magnepan sales dept. were off camera.

We covered topic's like how to get the younger generation interested in HiFi Audio using speakers instead of just headphones and earbuds. What makes sound pleasing via playback over speakers and live performance's. How does sound/music effect our brain and our emotions, two channel vs surround sound. Does today's music still resonate with young listener's when played over a high end speaker system, like classic rock, jazz, classical, blues, etc... does for middle aged guys like myself and the three other inmates from the Planer Asylum on the panel?


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FYI, Josh358, to the left of Cynthia is one the top gurus over at the Planer Asylum. Was talking about using sound to communicate, which is where I came in with the reference to Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I was also trying to tell Cynthia about the Peter Frampton in concert video from 1996, filmed in Detroit. Regarding how well I thought that was recorded for surround sound, and how many other in concert recordings do not sound that good. And was told by guru Franklin of Flint Acoustics that makes it very expensive engineer the sound correctly.