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Double Bass or LFE+Main


Grandmaster Pimp Daddy
For those who been to my house you know I have a very odd shaped great room and I used to have a large gap in bass depending on where my sub was located. If in the front then the back of the room where I sit got weak bass and vice versa. So to combat that I bought a pair of Def tech BP7001's with a built in 10" sub with 1,500 watt amp in each tower. Now these towers are rated down to 22Hz but fall drastically on anything below 30Hz. For years I've just used my mains set to small with a 40Hz crossover so anything below 40Hz was sent to my SVS and I got good mid bass up front and great low bass at the back of the room where I sit. The mid bass at least gave me tight mid bass up front. (I also have a 10" DT sub hooked up to my center channel only so that my center can also get down to 40 Hz so a scene like in Dunkirk when a plane flys across the screen the bass goes down to 40Hz from say left speaker to center to right speaker without a change in mid bass sound).

Now the crux of my question is I've discovered that my Marantz preamp has a LFE+Main feature that I tried when I first got the def techs but the bass sounded very muddy as the speakers had to be set to Large to engage LFE+Main but the Marantz allows me to set this double bass feature but also allows me to still set speaker to small with a 40Hz crossover. By doing this all speakers set to small (my side and rear channels) crossed at 80Hz the bass now goes to the mains built in sub and also the SVS subs from 40-80Hz to mains and sub and anything below 40Hz just goes to the SVS. The bass sounds much smoother now both in front and back. The SVS used to be very overpowering in the back of the room but has now smoothed out and blends with the built in subs in my towers much better for better overall mid bass all over now (much better than when not running double bass and just using the towers crossed over at 40Hz set to small).

Now everything I read says to not use double bass as most speakers can't handle it but since my towers have built in subs that can handle 40Hz and slightly lower perfectly fine and does smooth out the bass should I still use the double feature I'm not really getting a phase out of lower frequencies since the sub still gets everything below 40Hz as well as 40hz to 80hz for mid bass but now the mains are also getting 40Hz - 80Hz from all the other channels and I'm not noticing a mid bass frequencies being lost but just a better smoothing and now better bass thruout the room.

What say you guys.


"Do you know who I am?"
What say you guys.
What I say is this: "Nobody ever lends money to man with a sense of humor."

As for your speaker setup thing...

If you prefer the sound with the new double bass thing going on, then go for it. Unless you are absolutely blowing the doors off and literally shaking your windows out of their frames from turning it up louder than your ears can manage, I seriously doubt you are hurting your mains at all.

I think it would be fun to measure the performance with and without the mains receiving the bass signal. Wouldn't that be cool to know?


Grandmaster Pimp Daddy
Maybe next time your around you can bring your laptop, fancy mic and your program and I'll buy a bottle of scotch and we can measure.