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God of War - a new god

Discussion in 'Games' started by jomari, Apr 24, 2018.

  1. jomari

    jomari Well-Known Member

    So, this came out last week, played it here and there so will give you a quick review,

    love the graphics, cannot say enough about how times have changed.
    the mood is spectacular, but at times, a bit too dreary.
    the beginning is great when you meet your first 'boss'.

    the not so good,
    - it has so much content in it, a dreadful amount of collectibles, it doesnt tell you in the beginning. for a looter like me, i end up creating save points JUST SO I CAN COMPLETE LOOTING. i have areas that i missed, and quite frankly played a good portion of the beginning AGAIN to loot the last out of 4 items. there are items that go up to 9. NINE.

    - gets some getting used to the controls. i play it almost every night, but at times, i forget what to hit. the old god of war series, you CAN get away with being a button masher, and at times its a great stress release. this one sometimes you have to think about it. no more rampage, but more finesse.

    - this one is a bit personal. in a way, i never liked being called 'boy'. in the game he refers to him in that manner, and i understand it, his detachment to it is needed. but i get ticked off a bit when i hear him call him boy a lot. anyways, just a nuisance for me.

    overall, great game, and enjoying it a lot.

    i dropped far cry 5, staled ghost recon and even stopped playing the division even if there is a global event right now. thats big.

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