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Guess What We Got


Well-Known Member
So after leaving the room and the gear in Hot Springs, our listening has been limited to a pair of Insignias. In the new house we have a room which have a 5.1 system in it. Balancing the funds and other priorities has resulted in keeping the Insignias longer than expected though. Well with part of the last bonus checkmJan and I decided we definitely wanted new speakers.

I have been looking at different options for a while trying to stay under ~$1,500 for a pair. That number is based on the retail price of the HR824MKIIs being $1,390 per pair. The new room isn't going to be on the same level as the previous room so I didn't feel like dropping 2-3x that on C1s.

One day I was browsing reverb.com and saw a pair of used HR824MKIIs for $500 but for local pickup in Boston only. I shot them a message offering $150 for shipping and they took it. The speakers were from a recording studio and are MINT. We've been listening to music again and having a ball.

We're ecstatic that for $650 we've got a great 2 channel system which is ready for expansion.



Behind the Curtain
Staff member
That's cool, @yromj. Now that you have semi decent speakers again, we just might let you back into our little club here.


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One thing that impresses me to the point of continuing to surprising me is the bass these things have. Don't get me wrong I still want a sub but these will certainly tide me over until I get one.