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I didnt know what a sealed subwoofer can do, until now.


War Never Changes
Got myself a SVS SB12-NSD recently.

I currently have a Boston acoustics CCSUB10, and although it works wonders, it cant do as much as i want in a somewhat open floor plan, of about 20x25 plus dining room on the side floor plan.

I also have a SVS PB-1000, which i had since our apartment days, and love it. although its not the best experience i wanted, and felt underwhelmed by it. thats why i kept my Boston Acoustics CCSUB10, and that made a better duet. the CCSUB 10 stacked on top of the PB1000, and worked pretty well inside our previously sold condo unit. heck it even had a small cove for the twins to sit in.

Soo, why the need for another sub? why not get a bigger subwoofer, including the new kid the monolith, MK12 which i was eyeing due to the 'rave' reviews.

I needed a subwoofer that can

1. appeal to my mother in laws table. there is a small side table we have, that belongs to her mother, and its one of the last pieces they bought and brough here to the states from Taiwan. my ccsub10 worked and it fit right underneath. my svs pb1000 could not.

2. it had to be able to handle its own in such a larger space. not really needing subsonic or even infrasonic needs, just wanted more than 35hz boom boxes.

This fit the bill.

more to come, kids diaper is falling off his butt. he's potty training...


War Never Changes
so, the small side table would house a 15x15 sub, and tried and purchased a def tech supercube 2000, which i thought was an awesome concept. but as flint says, physics is physics, to expect a 7 inch woofer would perform as well as a 10 or even 12 inch sub, is not going to work.

wife finally gave me the go, since we got a red envelope from my mom in law, and it covered most of the cost.

initial thoughts,

man, i dont know if its because its a 12 inch sub, or because its amplifier is rated at 400 watts, but does it pump out some serious bass. played edge of tomorrow movie slowly cranking it up, and im definitely impressed.

went to dig into other movies, started digging and found kung fu panda for some skdooosh, but i always the bamboo dart/spear scene when tai fung escapes.

its fun, brought a new fresh breath of air into my home theater, and making me want to spend more moolah on physical disc i really dont want anymore.


War Never Changes
thanks bud. with my 3 year old, hes being curious and helped me open the box. then he saw the dials, the switches and the other stuff.

guess im lucky that hes interested in it.

then he saw the ccsub10, and started doing it without me looking or seeing him. then he kept doing it watching me as if knowing what hes doing is wrong. i was frustrated and upset, but also happy hes like that.

the joys of opening new stuff is shared with my son, and well, thats more important.

lemme find my LP of Bass i love you....