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It's been a while, but I'm still around. Pioneer VSX60 reciever

Discussion in 'Amplifiers & Receivers' started by smgreen20, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. smgreen20

    smgreen20 Active Member

    My contract for my job ended 2 months earlier then it was supposed to so money became real tight until I could find a new job. Limited on funds I found a 2012 VSX60 Pioneer Elite receiver for $150 that fits my every need.
    The reviews I've read have been good on it and the one I snagged comes with everything, some things still in original packing and with the original box. It was used at a vacation home and has very little use on it. Pics show as does the description to be 100% mint and at that price, I had to jump on it.
    My old Sony HT in a box was starting to give issues about a year ago and has 0 HDMI inputs, so I've had to use fiber optic which was going out on the Sony.
    I hope I made a good purchase as it's more then what I was after. I was budgeting $250 for a new receiver but came across this one for $100 less and when money is tight......
    I was just curious as to your guys thoughts on this purchase.

    I plan on builading my own speaker setup from parts express and madisound later this year. For now I'm just going to use the speakers from the Sony HT.
    I on
    I only need 5.1 so the 2 extra chs I might use as zone 2 for music in my study where I do my homework and play the drums.
    I like my 3D movies and this supports that to my 47" LG. I'm a gamer at that with the PS3, PS4 and Wii (for now) along with the tv receiver and my PC input for PC gaming and movie watching from an app (showbox).

    For now, the sub I'm going to use my power inverter to power an old school LANZAR LXR50 100w amp that will push a sub (undecided yet) in a T-line enclosure. That should hive me the output and SQ I desire until I can purchase what I intend to use for sub duty in the HT.
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  2. Randy

    Randy Well-Known Member Famous

    Sounds like a cool project. Congrats and as always we are all in for pics, especially speaker build porn.
  3. bmwuk

    bmwuk Well-Known Member

    Ditto. Congrats. I had a refurbished Pioneer elite receiver from 2001 and it still works fine. I just swapped it out for newer processing and HDMI capabilities
  4. smgreen20

    smgreen20 Active Member

    Thanks. I will defiantly get some pics up when I get to building them.

    To my amazement, it arrived today. Bought on Sunday, arrived on Tuesday. That was quick. ..
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