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LPCM Soundtracks = Big Headaches


Well-Known Member
I recently discovered the joys of LPCM soundtracks on VC-1 encoded Blu-Rays. The issue is that VC-1 is a bitch to transcode, so I have to convert the movie to H264. I can do that without quality loss, but the settings required to do that mean a 15 hour transcode on my quad-core i7 laptop. The problem is that the transcoder cannot do pass-thru on LPCM. The only way around that was to use a multiplexer to add the LPCM soundtrack from the first rip to the transcoded copy. It worked flawlessly.

I'm glad I only have a dozen or so movies with this issue, because the processing takes so long that I can only do about one per day.

Here is the process:
  1. Rip movie with MakeMKV
  2. Transcode movie with Handbrake at the same bit-rate as the original rip
  3. Use the multiplexer function of MKVToolNix to add the LPCM soundtrack from the raw rip to the transcoded copy of the movie.


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Wouldn’t it be easier to just pop the BD in player and watch it with a cocktail and some snacks than to go through this drawn out process?
It only adds up to about 15 minutes of actual work and I only have to do it once. That said, I really do understand why some people shell out for Kaleidescape. Building a large library is a very time-consuming endeavor.