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Magenpan 30.7s in New Haven


The OP, is a Maggie Guro over at Planer Asylum. He owns Magnepan's previous three panel speakers, so he is well versed in the strengths and weakness's. I will be traveling soon to hear the 30.7s in Evanston IL, they should have them dialed in by then. They have a large listening room so hope I will be able to hear them at near full potential.

"Of course I'm familiar with the imaging of the IVa's, which is of similar design. So what I heard first, and what really blew me away, was the purity and accuracy of the 30.7's. It was essentially the performance of the Maggie ribbon extended down through the midrange to touch the bass. And the naturalism just blew me away. Between that and the planar imaging, I could hear immediately why the critics had said you'd need to spend in the $100,000 range to equal it."

"Interestingly, the most powerful reaction, mine and it seemed to me others as well, came not from the orchestral music or the Brubeck cut (need I mention which one?) or Louis Armstrong singing "Saint James Infirmary," but from the smallest piece Ralph played, Beethoven's F major quartet (nah, I didn't remember which one it was, I looked on the display :) ). It was far and away the best rendition of a string quartet I've ever heard, because between the ribbon and the new high performance midrange and the midbass coupler it had *none* of the glitz and glare that you always hear on strings, but rather the purity that I hear at live performances."


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My nephew has a pair of Maggie's, not sure which model they are. I spent a night at his place last year listening to them. I really enjoyed the time with them. I could see how they could draw a nice following.