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Mixing a live show.


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The new software to control a Live show.


I like the touch screen. The Behringer ADA8000 is 8 channels in and out. The software can support upto 72 in by 72 out. This could make for a good change in home theater by having the ability to custom support multiple rooms and multiple source.

A nice look at things coming.

The one thing I enjoy about having some old analog gear is that I get to select the chain that the signal follows. equalize, noise gate, compression, or noise gate, equalize, and compression. Some of the digital gear does not allow changes of the chain of events.

I also recently purchased an old spring reverb to add to my gear. I use an updated preamp from M-audio to keep the signal strong and noise free. Testing today I was able to add a behringer DSP110 shark to have a high pass for 100 hz and a 22 ms digital delay in front of the spring reverb. Then fed back into the mixer and enjoyed the results with out the hiss of the original amps. The Behringer also could add some compression to the signal.

So after reviewing the web site and the digital control of the live show do you think this would be a great help around the home like I do?
That's extraordinarily cool, J! Looks like it allows you to build a high quality digitial mixer for a fraction of the cost of a commercial unit. That would be SO fun to play with!!!

Now for home audio... not sure. Yeah I guess you could use it as a central hub, kind of like a replacement for a pre/pro (well except for the video part of course). Not that anyone really needs to mix multiple audio input sources.... I don't need a mix of the BD player and CD player when I'm watching a movie. ;) But yeah if you really want to control a large number of audio outputs - multiple rooms etc., this could certainly do the trick.

Huh, I wonder if this software could also be used as the controls for a fully active crossover system? Now THAT would be cool, because you could control it all from a single box rather than having to have multiple crossovers, and you could do it all in the digital domain - assuming the software can handle digital input sources - without ever needing to go to analog until the final output to the amplifiers. All you need is this software and enough analog output channels to handle all the speakers. And the nice thing here is that you could use any DAC you want, to get the best analog output.

Might be hard to integrate into an HT because of the video switching... But still very interesting!
It would be able to do this with a VST pluggin, and I have seen two or three that are three way crossovers. Add in some digital delay for time alignment on the sub to mid base.

The cost is a computer (800) with a six hundred dollar card, and five hundred for the software, then each of the behringer ada8000 is around 200 for 8 in and out. 2300 dollars would get you 16 x 16 in rough calculations. Older used laptops would be your remote access on wireless network.