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Perfect Sound Block ? Fixed


"Do you know who I am?"
I've been trying to understand this thing since it was first announced a few days ago. From what I can tell, it is not a universal sound blocker, but a specific frequency sound blocker. The demo they filmed and shared with the world is clearly a single sine wave. My question is this... what about other frequencies? Is the acoustic "blocking" effective across a wide audio range, or just at a fixed frequency. This can still be helpful for machine noise - assuming the machine it working at a consistent speed and generating a consistent audio pitch.

But it does look interesting. They claim they could make these in any size or shape and get the same sound blocking effect. So, how does that work in a room to deaden the room? Can they essentially make an anechoic chamber with these rather than tens of thousands of dollars worth of acoustic foam and sound blocking barriers?

It is intriguing, but I want to see how it can be applied to real life - especially in a space where I might find myself - extra especially if it can be applied to my home listening room with massive effect far greater than traditional techniques.