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Plugging Instruments in to my Mac


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So, i've recently discoverd Garage Band on my Mac and my desire to FINALLY learn how to play the guitar. I have a Profile electric guitar that I got for my birthday 20 years ago that I have been playing a little. A buddy, who plays guitar, has offered to get together to teach me all his bad habits. My question is, can I just use my MAudio mobile pre to plug in or is there a benefit to an item like the Apogee Duet/Duet2? I'm kinda geeked out about this new musical journey and I KNOW that this forum will have all the answers.
If all you need is a way to get the signal from the guitar to the computer, then yes, the mobile pre should be fine, it even has balanced inputs and phantom power, depending on just how you plan to hook up the guitar. Not sure if you'll be able to simply plug the 1/4" jack from the guitar into the pre... will have to try it out to see if the signal strength is adequate.
The Fast Track Pro has two inputs which support Mic, Line, and Guitar. It also has phantom power for condenser mics (typically the best for recording vocals and light percussion).
Thanks guys. M-audio to the rescue. The Pro has more features than the duet at about a 1/3 the cost and the Ultra has WAY more features still for less money. What's the deal with the Duet? Looks like it's made by apple so they charge more or is there a technical spec that makes it supperior sonically?
Are you talking about the Apogee Duet?

http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audi ... ce-regular

That is not made by Apple, it is made by Apogee.

Apogee makes true professional grade audio devices and was once one of the top dogs in analog/digital interfaces (back when the sound quality of all ADACs varied widely). The Apogee is a great product, but I consider it overkill for any hobbyist or enthusiast. It is for pros.
Yup, that's the one. It LOOKS like it's made by Apple, sometimes it seems that cool look alone brings with it a price level un-earned. And of course, I am not a pro, so M-audio is gooder! I like gooder stuff.

For me, it would just be to sit and mess around. I'm just learning how to play guitar, my finger tips are starting to harden up! Also, I have a MIDI keyboard so being able to plug that in through the M-Audio would be advantagous. I know that there is a MIDI-USB adapter available for only $40 or so.

I see why people get a little geeked about apple. The garageband software for someone like myself to mess aroung with is pretty cool.