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Powersound ...lost their mind..Matt stay away!


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TV42 update

4000 watts ( speaker power amplifier)
dual 21 inch IPAL woofers from B&C
Large vented cabinet tuned <14hz.
54 inch tall with rubber stand offs.
28 inch deep with grill
24 inch wide

Cabinet will be high quality Baltic Birch to shed as much weight as possible.
Two inch thick front baffle to minimize reactive resonance from the dual 21 moving mass
Huge slot port styled much like the current v1811/V3611 cabinets.

Shipments will begin in approximately 4 weeks.


email to order or for any questions.



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They also just announced that a lower cost product line will be introduced and built in China....................


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Seen that, and the Neo magnet subs that will replace the current line.

Really good stuff coming out from them.