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Room Acoustics - Doors Into Adjacent Rooms


Dog Faced Pony Soldier
Recently I spent several hours fine tuning my "Statement" loudspeakers in my listening room.

After getting the crossover, filters, time alignment, and phase as perfect as I could, I decided to look into an issue I've had at 48Hz since I first made this room into my main listening space.

As I was making measurements, I decided to compare the difference with the room's double doors open versus closed. I also experimented wit the door to my connected mini-office. To my shock, the mini-office doors had the largest impact the null at 48Hz. With my office open, the null is 7dB SPL deeper while closing the office doors reduced the null by 7dB SPL.

Chart: In-Room Frequency Response: Red = All Doors Open; Brown = Room Doors Closed & Office Door Open; Yellow = Room Doors Open & Office Door Closed; Black = All Doors Closed

The output below 20HZ is 2dB - 5dB louder with the main doors closed. The dip at 48Hz appears to me mostly associated with the office.

It is also worth noting that starting at 50Hz, the performance is identical regardless of the doors being open or closed.

Brag, moment: check out that bass extension!!! Flat to 14Hz and still pumping up the room at 10Hz!!! Any wonder that I don't runn my IB subs anymore?
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