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Thought my Harmony 1000 Died


Well-Known Member
Hadnt been downstairs in a few days. Came down to get on the treadmill and grabbed my trusty Harmony 1000 and nothing but black screen.

Fiddled with it a bit and nothing. Thought maybe it was just battery so I placed it back on the base and nothing.


So I manually turned on TV, receiver, dish box, etc. like some Philistine, then started my journey on the treadmill.

I was literally distraught. Couldnt concentrate, couldnt stay focused, the whole situation had me in damn near panic mode. How could a man of my stature be expected to turn on components manually or have to deal with multiple remote controls, like some piker. I deserve better than this. I have worked hard and made my own way in the world.

So, anyway I got off the treadmill and started fiddling again and wiped the contacts on the remote and base with a soft cloth, placed the remote back on the base and that beautiful blue light came on again. Its working fine.

Oh ya, first world problems for sure.


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No don't apologize. WE here are the people that understand such things.

I have two Harmony One s one for the basement and one for upstairs. Don't know what I would do if one of them crapped out.

And I totally understand the panic. Sometimes there will be a glitch with a particular piece of equipment and I will become obsessed it is all I can think of.

Glad it worked out so you can enjoy your weekend.


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Some twenty years ago or so when I was living the swinging life style I had a new Sony receiver in my system with a " semi universal" remote. I had recently started dating a woman way beyond my grade ( she would eventually become my second wife). Well she had two kids so doing anything at her place was nigh impossible and I invited her over for a Saturday night movie night so our relationship could evolve.

She had been there a little while and we were getting comfortable when I realized I didn't know where the remote was. I started to panic she said hey c'mon forget the remote I'm here.

Well I couldn't get my mind in the game thoughts of the missing remote running thru my mind. Before i could clear my mind her kids called and the night turned out to be a blue bust.

See how our hobby can make us do absurd things.
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