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Video: The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald


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Thank goodness for copyrighted material being illegally uploaded to YouTube, because otherwise I'd have never seen this awesome show.

It starts out with real life Ronald and some puppet things (a la "Pee Wee's Playhouse) and then turns into a full-fledged cartoon around the 5:30 mark. Among the many characters are Grimmace, of course, and also a dog named Sundae. Plus there's a group of walkin' talkin' chicken McNuggets---very strange seeing as how they look breaded and fried. This particular episode apparently was sold back in 1998. Sold where exactly I'm not sure. Probably in the restaurants, I supose?

Kaz, you dig up the weirdest stuff... :laughing:
That "The King" would do that is totally believable. He hates that Burger King is second to McDonalds. Plus, he's hard core and unafraid of getting dirty. Whereas Ronald would hire a hitman, if needed, "the King" simply would pull up alongside Ronald's car, roll down his window, shoot, and speed off.

It's just too much unnecessary mascot violence. And that's why I only eat at Hardee's. That is, when I can find one that hasn't yet been boarded up and closed down.
"Mascot Violence".
The defining issue of the 2012 Elections!
:happy-smileygiantred: :happy-smileygiantred: :happy-smileygiantred: