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Wimps!!! You are all subwoofer wimps!!!

I'll stay with my Danley Sound Labs DTS-10. It has a smaller foot print, is more efficient and still produces a continuous 127dB 15 Hz- 70 Hz - 3dB and 133dB peak with 1000 watts continuous ( not that I push it that hard in my den). Bottom line is I like it.


Well-Known Member
Area don't work that way, bro!

You more than fifteen of them 15 inch subwoofers to equal one 60 inch subwoofer.
That was pure sarcasm/tongue-in-cheek. Yes I realize that to be the case.

So where to put 15 of them in my room. 3 as my seats, four in the corners, 4 suspended in the corners but at the ceiling and 4 in the bottom section of my L. WINNNER!!!!


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Or would you suggest an Atmos array. Floor, mid wall and then in-ceiling? This could be the best I'm guessing. So if someone is sitting on a bar stool versus a recliner, they will have vertical linearity. I'm definitely thinking about this right so don't tell me otherwise.