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Recent content by Haywood

  1. Haywood

    Dune 2021

    I was thinking when I watched it that it might be a little bit confusing for those not familiar with the source material. It is a super dense book and I think they did about as well as could be expected translating it to film. There an incredible amount of world-building that has to happen and...
  2. Haywood

    Dune 2021

    We watched it this weekend and it was STUNNING. It was easily one of the most gorgeous science fiction movies I've ever seen. It was also very respectful of the source material. I barely felt the length of the movie and was disappointed when it ended. That is rare with a movie that long. I...
  3. Haywood

    Film Grain! WTF???

    I just want the content to look the way the director intended. If the movie was made intentionally grainy, I want that retained. Otherwise, I honestly don't care.
  4. Haywood

    Streaming services which one do you inest in or pay for?

    I get YouTube Music with my YouTube Premium subscription. It replaced Google Play Music, but I do not like it nearly as well. I mainly use it because I don't want to pay for two subscriptions. If I every get my Plex server back up and running, I might try to Tidal integration.
  5. Haywood

    What did you do with your dvd collection?

    I'm at more than 1400 movies on Vudu. With rare exceptions, I stopped buying anything but 4K a few years ago and at least one of the studios did a free across-the-board upgrade, but I suspect the UHD movie count is under 400. I upgrade things I care about when they have really good deals, but I...
  6. Haywood

    Rick Beato

    I love watching the videos aimed at laymen, such as What Makes This Song Great. I've learned a lot and find it fascinating. Most of his channel is dedicated to music theory and is way to technical for this non-musician. Before he became a YouTuber, he was a music producer for a couple decades...
  7. Haywood

    What did you do with your dvd collection?

    I sleeved all mine late last year. I had them ripped, but lost all that in a NAS disaster. I'm going to rip them all again and do a better job with backups, but that is a lot of work and a fair amount of cost as well.
  8. Haywood


    No, but I can tell you that I have been shockingly happy with the little Chinese amp I run my porch speakers with.
  9. Haywood

    So Long Logitech Harmony

    If I cannot get more consistent and reliable performance from the Harmony when it comes to controlling the lift in my custom cabinet, I may just switch out to the Caavo and revert to using the manual switch to raise and lower the display. The Caavo has an integrated HDMI switch, which would be...
  10. Haywood

    The Future via Mergers

    Unfortunately, physical media will soon be gone and all content will be subject to instant cancellation by our woke corporate overlords. I stream pretty much everything, but I do not trust big tech or any of these streaming companies to uphold the integrity of the original work if they make it...
  11. Haywood

    Outdoor Audio solutions

    I'm using the 50x2 version of this amp and it provides plenty of power for my application. Fosi BT20A Bluetooth Amplifier
  12. Haywood

    Outdoor Audio solutions

    Yes. The speakers are in a screened back porch, so they are not fully exposed to the weather. I keep the amp on top of one of the speakers, which are mounted high up on a wall.
  13. Haywood

    Outdoor Audio solutions

    Why not just use a little Bluetooth amplifier? That's what I do. They are super small, sound decent and cost under $100. Most also have a line-in. There are a ton of ways to access your music library from your phone or a tablet and it is easy.
  14. Haywood

    Outdoor Audio solutions

    I had Flint build me a pretty amazing pair of patio speakers a couple years ago and they sound WAY better than any quasi-outdoor speaker has a right to.
  15. Haywood

    So, it's been a minute...let's see if I can figure out to make this work again...

    I bought the same sub in 2007 and still love it. I'll probably run it until it croaks, which hopefully won't be for awhile.