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  1. yromj

    Wireless Line Level for Surrrounds

    Does anyone have any experience with any wireless device that would work for use as a replacement for line level (RCA) cables. I can probably run wires to the surrounds but since this is 2021 I figured there should be a good wireless solution. I tried this from Amazon but it was nothing but...
  2. yromj

    So, it's been a minute...let's see if I can figure out to make this work again...

    Well, how's everybody doing? I was planning on posting about an entirely different topic in the near future, but my plans changed a few minutes ago. So Jan and I were discussing things we haven't checked off the original to-do list from when we moved into the house and the HT came up. We...
  3. yromj

    Guess What We Got

    So after leaving the room and the gear in Hot Springs, our listening has been limited to a pair of Insignias. In the new house we have a room which have a 5.1 system in it. Balancing the funds and other priorities has resulted in keeping the Insignias longer than expected though. Well with...
  4. yromj

    LG's New 4k Projector

    Ran across this while browsing: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/lg-hu80ka-4k-uhd-projector-hdr/ John
  5. yromj

    What are you doing with Alexa?

    Now that Alexa is being added to more control devices and many controllable devices are compatible directly or through "concentrators" such as Wink or Google Home, how many of you are using this type of stuff? We still don't have web service (or cable TV) in our new house yet (they're supposed...
  6. yromj

    Stream Mayweather vs McGregor on Roku or Sony TV?

    A friend of mine who lives in Hot Springs and subscribes to the local cable company (the WORST) wants to have a watch party for the fight. He told me this and I chuckled because I know that means he wants to watch it on several TVs and he's (I would imagine) going to have pay for each device...
  7. yromj

    Another Sad Thing to See

    So, I was being bad and poking around when I came across this. Carada had a good run and I hope the founder (Giles is his last name?) is doing well. John
  8. yromj

    Dish to U-Verse

    I've had Dish for over 10 years and have always been really happy with the service and features. Since we're going to build a house, we're moving to an apartment and Dish isn't an option. So, I'm got U-Verse installed yesterday. I have it set up for 3 TVs & 18GB/s Internet. I got lucky and...
  9. yromj

    Every Beginning Comes from Some Other Beginning's End

    As most of you know, our house has been on the market for a while. Well, it finally sold last week. The people that bought it are a really cool younger couple. They bought the theater "as-is" so I'm going to be working with them on getting the remote customized for them and showing them how...
  10. yromj

    Are Audiophiles Sacred Cows?

    When I'm traveling I enjoy listening to Radio Classics on Sirius. Generally I like old mysteries and PI shows. Occasionally, I also enjoy some of the other shows such as the CBS Radio Theater. I heard one the other day and while Jan and I returning home and we both were rolling because of how...
  11. yromj

    Sharp LED TV: Help me understand how sub-pixels aren't BS

    A friend of mine, whom I've done a LOT of A/V work for, just bought a new sharp 70" LED 3DTV. When we were talking about it he mentioned 16 million pixels and I just kind of shook my head thinking "Yeah, whatever." I'm having look up some info on it (to try and see if it supports Audio Return...
  12. yromj

    My gentle giant is silent (Heeman might shed a tear...)

    We watched Polar Express tonight and when the train was pulling up to the house, I paused the movie because something was wrong (the room didn't move). After 15 minutes of monkeying around w/ the sub I was pretty sure the amp is dead. I've played w/ it more sense then and I'm fairly confident...
  13. yromj

    My BD Present: A Panny DMP-BD89

    Jan upgraded my blu-ray player in the theater to the Panny BD89 and I couldn't be happier. Before this I had always used Sony BD players and been very happy. However, a few weeks ago I noticed that the BD89 was a DLNA renderer and could play FLAC files via DLNA. The unit is fairly small and...
  14. yromj

    JVC DLA-HD250 Bulb Replacement Notice

    I just received a "Bulb Replacement" notice on my screen. This prompts a few questions: 1. Any idea what initiates this message? (ie, Message auto displays at preset time - I just hit 1900 hours on the unit.) 2. Any idea how long I have to get a new bulb before my HT's display is a 20" PC...
  15. yromj

    Problem w/ a Mackie

    One of my HR624s has stopped working. (I use 624s for the rears.) It was taking a while to come on, and would pop until it did come on. Now, it just doesn't come on at all. I took it to a friend of Snowman_'s who does electronic repair. He said it would require parts from Mackie to repair...
  16. yromj

    Best Movie Trilogy Ever?

    Tonight we watched The Dark Knight Rises. This was the first time we watched it since Bats' GTG. We really enjoyed this movie and it got me thinking: Is the Dark Knight Trilogy the best movie trilogy ever? I'm going to look at the contenders and see. Lord of the Rings- Overall, I may...
  17. yromj


    I can't believe there's not already a thread about this. Did anyone else pick it up yet? We got it the day it came out and have watched a little of it. Remember the "trick" to watching the "Darla" scene is to watch the scene right before it. That's the two scenes we watched and OH BOY...
  18. yromj

    I think I found what I want for Christmas

    I've been trying for a LONG time to be able to browse and play my lossless audio files in my theater inexpensively and without the use of a PC anywhere in the chain. I read Haywood's thread about the ROKU but that either requires Plex (which won't run on my NAS) or Nok Nok which won't play FLAC...
  19. yromj

    "Mad Mike"?

    OK for anyone who has ever heard Jeff Mackwood's stories: who else fell out laughing at seeing a trailer for "Mad Mike"? Yes, I know it's an older trailer, but I just saw it and could not stop laughing. John
  20. yromj

    Pretty Cool App

    A few weeks ago I downloaded a pretty cool app from my Samsung tablet (Android O/S). I started looking for one because the last link in my multi-media distribution puzzle was playing my lossless audio (now encoded in FLAC) in my theater. I don't want to have to add any more hardware, such as a...