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  1. Vinyl

    APC - 1500 VA H Type Line Conditioner

    Had a couple of short power outages in two days – no damage - years ago computer board was fried on two separate occasions by the silent killer aka voltage spike – bought a APC UPS for computer and that was the end of that nonsense. The APC -15 replaces the Tripplite Isobar Surge Suppressor...
  2. Vinyl

    Negotiating Purchase for THEE Musical Subwoofer…

    After much serious research plus socializing with some pretty ugly hard core Audiophiles – my intentions were clear to all as to my pursuit of natural bass for two channel audio – these are not GTG events but rather one on one auditions of their systems after I was allowed in the home – I’m...
  3. Vinyl

    Pioneer Kuro Pro 141 FD Calibration

  4. Vinyl

    I Am Love

    Gets my vote for movie of the year. Stylish Euro film visually impressive with sophisticated lushness. This is mostly not a guy movie - Cinema Art fans rejoice.
  5. Vinyl

    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

    Photos Aplenty! http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Got-camera-first-timers-trip-RMAF
  6. Vinyl

    So What Am I Hearing...?

    When a musical passage goes almost motto for a second or two before continuing to the next passage – similar to the tape noise one sometime hears on certain remastered CD’s - my best description is an electronic energy that’s heard/felt captured on recording – it’s pretty much when you feel a...
  7. Vinyl

    Gurus ...please advise

    The old Parasound Transport is now only reading 50% of CD’s – The old Parasound D/AC features 20 bit Ultra Analog 20400A dual digital filter to analog converter - what do you suggest I should be considering in new Transport or all in one player with digital out? Have D/AC chips changed...
  8. Vinyl

    Are You In The Market For New Speakers? If So...

    Be forwarned it's 37.6 MB Adobe download - well worth it if you enjoy daydreaming - some are actually affordable at 2K. http://media.avguide.com/Loudspeakers_Buyers_Guide.pdf
  9. Vinyl

    Maggie Up-Date

    I previously mentioned Stud Gliders on another thread - these little guys have replaced the spikes that came with the Maggie stands - little gliders have simplified the placement/moving of the Maggies on carpet to sheer delight - tiny incremental moves that were once awkward and never quite...