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  1. Deerhunter

    Finally new Tv

    The wife finally approved. My wife asked me to wait till Christmas since I will be home for 2 weeks and I will have more time to enjoy it. Also got a new living room set. Leather power everything lumbar headrest tilt. That was the unplanned purchase. My godson brought in bed bugs a few months...
  2. Deerhunter


    More to follow
  3. Deerhunter

    Amp dac for ear buds

    Well my company closed so I am going to run team again with my buddy. So back to using ear buds. I was thinking about using a amp dac with my samsung s8. I want one that I can charge while being used. Or one that runs off 110. I don't need a over the top one. $150 or less I am using...
  4. Deerhunter


    Just had to buy a roku. Since Netflix has pull their service from DVD players I had to make the change. We have not had cable in years, it has gotten so over priced, we just never went back. Between ota shows and streaming, we have not missed it. Since I have Verizon I NFL games are include...
  5. Deerhunter

    Powersound ...lost their mind..Matt stay away!

    TV42 update TV42. 4000 watts ( speaker power amplifier) dual 21 inch IPAL woofers from B&C Large vented cabinet tuned <14hz. 54 inch tall with rubber stand offs. 28 inch deep with grill 24 inch wide Cabinet will be high quality Baltic Birch to shed as much weight as possible. Two inch thick...
  6. Deerhunter

    Customer movie theme bass traps

    I ran across this video. You can make your own movie poster bass traps. Its step by step. From the image to where to print it at. Enjoy
  7. Deerhunter

    Voice coil help

    I recently made a comment about PSA Subs and how they kick ass! It was a video on YouTube Dragon51 PSA has a 3 inch voice coil, begging for warble and excursion compared to an 8 inch voice coil in the SVS. I'll do the SVS all day long. Does that make it better than the PSA ?
  8. Deerhunter

    Kitchen treatment

    What is a good way to treat the empty space above the cabinets? The cheaper the better for in their Their is a lot of echo in their, when you clap your hands. The kitchen is adjacent to the living room. Thanks in advance.
  9. Deerhunter

    More power

    I want more power, I don't really need it. The Marantz I have says 90 per channel. I just ran across this one, any thoughts? 200 x 2 Watts @ 8MGM Behringer KM750 Power Amplifier...
  10. Deerhunter

    Need a little help on my Crossover setting

    I'm not real sure where to set up the cross over on my receiver. All drivers are 6.5 Thanks in advance. Monitor 11 v4 Specifications Design 5-driver, 2-1/2way bass reflex, quasi - 3rd-order resistive port; floorstanding Crossover 3rd-order electro - acoustic at 2.0kHz 2nd order electro -...
  11. Deerhunter

    How a $300,000 Speaker is Made

    Kinda cool to watch
  12. Deerhunter

    Need some help

    This is my sitting area, the sectional has that curve to it and right now the best place to sit is smack in the middle. Then it drops off out of the sweet spot, and the over head issue. I was thinking placing some other speakers behind like Flint suggested on a kinda similar question. Will this...
  13. Deerhunter

    New Marantz Receiver

    Just got the ok from the boss and ordered the Marantz SR5010 and I picked up a couple of HDMI cords too. Can't wait, should be home when I get back. :blush:
  14. Deerhunter

    What program to burn CD's

    What software do ya'll use to burn CDs I want the full quality. I have a few I would like to add to my computer but I don't want too loose the quality. Thanks
  15. Deerhunter

    Receiver up grade worth it

    In need of some help, I currently have a older Denon 2105 that does not have HDMI, my TV and Blueray do have HDMI. Is it worth upgrading to a newer receiver for the HDMI? I have been looking at a few Marantz receivers on audiogone that also have more power too. Or just keep it and get more power...
  16. Deerhunter

    Power Audio

    Just talked to Tom V online, and let him know I am a long time member of this great place. So I asked him for the V1500 for free, plus free shipping! I just asked for 1 but he decided to throw the second one in for free too! Hell of a guy he is. :music-rockout: Just realized something...
  17. Deerhunter

    Audio Buying Site

    I cant for the life of me remember that site that had really good deals on home audio stuff. They also had factory referb stuff as well. Its not audio gone. Found it audioforless
  18. Deerhunter

    Question Out performing GR07 Bass Edition

    I am just wondering how much more I would have to spend to find a set of ear buds that sound that much better then the GR07 bass Edition ear buds. It would also be nice if they had a detachable cord so if something happens to them. I am really enjoying my GR07s though.
  19. Deerhunter

    GR07 Bass Edition

    http://www.amazon.com/Edition-Dynamic-I ... B00ATWLG8Y I just placed a order on a set of the GR07. They have some good reviews on Head Fi, for the price. They are suppose to be here on Sunday, just in time for me to get them. I head back out on the road on Monday, the stereo in our truck Sucks...
  20. Deerhunter

    Audio-Technica ATH-M35

    So I have been doing a bit of reading on these and they seem to be pretty good from the reviews I have read. I happened to mention them to my wife and left the page open for them. When I was checking my e-mail I just happened to see a purchase from B&H for them! I have not let her know I have...