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New Profile Posts

  1. Deerhunter
    Deerhunter MatthewB
    Hope all is good with you. Been a bit since you have posted up.
  2. bmwuk
    Ordering the center channel in 3...2...1...
  3. bmwuk
    I have my speakers
  4. bmwuk
    Where's my speakers?!
  5. bmwuk
    Seriously having the shakes with the upgrade bug
  6. TitaniumTroy
    TitaniumTroy Flint
    Hi Franklin, any chance I can get you to come to AXPONA 2018? I know the listening experience in a hotel room sucks, but I like the atmosphere. All that hifi eye candy and audio nerds, no to mention weird, or just plain crappy equipment with over the top marketing.
  7. TitaniumTroy
    TitaniumTroy PaulyT
    Hi Paul, do you have an address for me to send some funds for the AA?
  8. TitaniumTroy
    TitaniumTroy PaulyT
    PaulyT, regarding your facebook post. What can we do, to get you back in the grove of music?
  9. TitaniumTroy
    TitaniumTroy Flint
    Hi Flint, I know you lost a bunch of weight not long ago. Any advice you can give me. One of my problems is eating too many calories after I get off work between 6-8pm.
    1. Flint
      I lost weight by getting so overworked and stressed out that I had what I consider to be a complete nervous breakdown. While it was nice to have lost the weight, I don't recommend it.
      Nov 20, 2017
    2. Flint
      For me, I currently do not eat anything sweet or snacky. I drink Soylent for two of my meals most days, and for dinner I make vegetables and whatever protein I am in the mood for. Since I like to drink alcohol, I avoid carbs and sugars like the plague.
      Nov 20, 2017
    3. Flint
      I would also add, I no longer finish most of my meals. I have trained myself to accept that it is okay to throw away perfectly good food. When I am no longer starving, I stop - no matter what it is.
      Nov 20, 2017
  10. Bote
    Biting my nails. Hope my morning doesn't suck as much as yesterday.
  11. Bote
    Bote Bob R
    Hello Bob. At last I got in. Hope to talk to you soon.
  12. bmwuk
    o.k.l 8lbs
  13. bmwuk
    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!
  14. hawk52
    Officially Retired.
    1. Babs likes this.
  15. hawk52
    5 days. Reality its over
  16. Babs
    Babs Barney
    RIP, Jerry, we will all see you on the other side of
    the stars! ; )
  17. hawk52
    44.5 years. 2 weeks to go. It's going to get weird
  18. Towen7
    Towen7 Barney
    We miss you Jerry.
    1. jomari and Babs like this.
  19. hawk52
    In the home stretch.
  20. Husker
    Just The Basic Facts.