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doing well out here and trying to stay healthy. telework from home for now still.
I let things pile up on me yesterday night. Was kinda irritated at your comment when I asked someone about their film scanner, and then zing really got my ire, and I was pretty childish bringing you into it. I wasn't very adulty, and I apologize.
I will be taking a few days of self-Timeout, see you in a bit; again, I'm sorry.

No worries Botch.
I assume you're referring to my reply where I said only "corona virus". I was trying to subtly point out that we were on the 7th or 8th post about photography gear (of which I'm a fan BTW) and perhaps should start a new thread. I meant no offense.

You're a valued voice here and I sincerely hope you don't ever take my or anyone else's comments as a personal attack.
More subs you asked and you should receive. Added two JBL MR818 for subs to the pair of scoop subs on the outside system. the TL15-1 with the JBL 2226 was also used but attached to the mids. 12 inch 2 way. So system was pumping 800 a side into the scoop's and MR818. and the Mids 12 inch and TL15-1 was 800 a side. with horns on top at 300 per side.


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    IMG_2690 (2).jpg
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I did not have the yamaha S215V out for this event or the old S15-3A. The S15-3A has new caps in the crossover. Running great.


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Added some speaker pole mounts to the top of the old TL15-1 bass bins.


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I have the original white paper explaining the principal. To large to share, I can email to you. The one thing it does not address is the room acoustics and the first reflections.