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Well-Known Member
Love movie trailers!

On the rare occasion I go to the theater it bugs my friends that I have to get there before the trailers start.

I record the show "Nothing but Trailers on HDN and it was great when Apple came out with the Trailers app.

It helps that in a number of cases the trailer is better than the actual movie.

Any other movie trailer fans out there?


Well-Known Member
I'm not much of a trailer fan and I rarely pay attention to them. This one, however, grabs my attention every single time:



Well-Known Member
That was pretty cool, I will have to check that one out. I like Daniel Craig and I totally dig the Immigrant Song.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
I have no aversion to trailers in general, but I only REALLY enjoy them for movies I'm eagerly anticipating, The Dark Knight Risesor The Avengers for example...


Grandmaster Pimp Daddy
I like trailers except those that show too much or basically tell the whole movie in two minutes. Saw one a few months ago and after it was over, turned to the GF Nd said, "well that explained the whole movie now we don't have to see it".