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101 Gadgets That Changed the World


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Anyone catch this last night? Like all such lists certain things can be disputed but it was an interesting watch. They will repeat it on Saturday evening. (one good thing about the HC if you miss it just wait a bit it will be on again)

I searched for just the list but it doesn't seem to be published anywhere.

I never considered things like the fiber glass fishing rod or a bra as gadgets but they made the list.
I had only watched 30 minutes of this turkey when I made the first post. I watched the rest this evening and - don't waste your time. A number of inaccuracies and I have no idea what their definition of a gadget is.

If you want a laugh watch it otherwise not worth it.
My short top ten would be.

1. HDTV (TV in general)
2. Remote Control (can only ask the wife and kids to get their lazy ass up to change the channel so much)
3. Internet (porn, porn, porn nuf said)
4. Defense Lawyers (your only defense when the nagging wife/GF gets to be too much)
5. Automobile (cause sometimes you got to get the hell outta the house)
6. Lossless music (put on the cans and tune out the world)
7. Video Games (when work/life/women/traffic gets to be too much, fantasy killing is the next best thing to being on a clock tower with a sniper rifle)
8. Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger from Carl's Junior (it's what Jesus would've wanted for the last supper meal Mmmmmmm)
9. BlowJobs (kudos to the first man who said, "Hey Honey, I gotta an idea of what you can do with that mouth besides yammer on and on)
10. Asian Massages (everything you wish your wife/GF would do, for far less money and less talky-talky)


Honorable mention to the "shake Weight" that commercial with the hot brunette almost makes nighttime TV viewing worth watching.
Jomari, glad to hear that the chick who gives me the rub and a tug has great teeth. Not that I wouldn't notice but I usually am staring at the top of her head. :eusa-whistle: