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2 player co-op games for XBOX 360?

Hot Monkey

Well-Known Member
Looking for recommendations for good XBOX 360 games that can be played co-op style online with a friend. My pal just got a 360 and we joined XBOX Live so we can play together. We prefer co-op style vs. online multiplayer so we can just play with the two of us... or occasionally also with his brother. So 2-3 player co-op would be the ideal category. We are not fussy about the latest and greatest titles... happy to buy older used games since we are both so far behind in the world of games that we will probably be very happy with some dated titles. We prefer action/adventure/military or sci-fi scenario games... don't have to be 1st person shooter style but most seem to be that way. Prefer to play together as a team against computer as opposed to against each other.

What we have picked up so far... based on suggestions from Game Stop kid...

Gears of War (1)
Gears of War (2)
Left 4 Dead (1)

And are looking for copies of Army of Two (1 & 2)... the local Game Stop was out of stock but we'll find them in the area. From what I understand from reading reviews this game was created solely with co-op game play in mind.

We also have Chromehounds which is a simple build-your-own-giant-robot war game. Simple graphics and game play but a lot of fun.

So any suggestions?


Army of 2 is pretty good.

Any of the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter games, Rainbow Six as well. Rainbow Six Vegas was my favorite out of those.

Left for Dead 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has about 20 levels of co-op

I believe the entire game of Black Ops can be played Co-op.
I think Transformers: War for Cybertron deserves a look. Hell, as a single player you can't even start a campaign w/o being online. You can play many online versions of this one including multi-player campaign as I read it...I haven't finished it yet but have enjoyed it immensely so far. Admittedly i am stuck at a difficult segment of the Autobot campaign.
Will look for some of these next time I am at Gamestop. Scored Army of Two (#1 and #2) today on the way home. Now I just have to wait for my pal to get copies.