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24/96 music on a DVD-R?


I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv
Anyone remember those "DADs" (digital audio discs) that came out that were just 24/96 audio only stereo DVDs? Can you make one with a DVD-R if you have some 24/96 wav files on your computer?

I have a couple of vinyl tracks I recorded as 24/96 wav files using Audacity. I want to burn some of these files on a DVD-R and then play them back on my DVD player downstairs and maybe compare them to a CD version. I had no problems burning the files as 24/96 Flac to a CDR, but leaving them uncompressed and burning them to a DVD-R isn't going so smoothly.

For you Squeezebox owners out there, does anyone know if the Classic SB is truly playing 24 bit flac files, or is it just transcoding those to 16bit flac? I know the high end Transporter can play 24/96 files, but was wondering if the other SB players can do the same since there is no mention of it on Logitech's sight.
With the right software I'm sure you could do a DVD-V "DAD" with 96/24 LPCM. But will you need to buy an expensive software package?

Unfortunately, I don't know of anything free that works.... Just for kicks and grins I authored a DVD-Video using Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker software, which is free. Unfortunately, when I tested the end result it converted my 96/24 LPCM track to Dolby Digital 2.0. Oh, well... I kind of expected that but was hoping for better.
No luck on the DVD-R thing, but I did find out about whether or not my Squeezebox can play 24/96 files. It can play 24bit files, but only at 24/48.
YesFan. I may have the solution for you. I currently use two programs for recording higher quality music on DVDs. I use a program called Audio DVD Creator (http://www.audio-dvd-creator.com) that allows you to record CDs and DVDs. With the DVD, you can create AC3 (High Quality) in 2.0 channel or 5.1 channel with rates from 224 kbps to 640 kbps. You can also record PCM two-channel in 16-bit or 24-bit at 48khz or 96 khz. I think I paid about $30 for the program.
The other option is Cirlinca (www.cirlinca.com) which has a program HD-Audio Ultra (which has all the bells and whistles) for $64.95. For that price, you get future upgrades. This program allows you to burn in DVD-Video format with 5.1 channel sound AND DVD-Audio discs. I'm currently in the process of upgrading my Cirlinca program. Newer updates allow you to burn to Blu-Ray discs. I've burned a couple DVD-Audio discs that work well. I've also burned some 24-bit live soundboard recordings to DVD. The Cirlinca web page also gives links to high resolution digital audio sites as well as live recordings. I used this program to burn a DVD with the 24/96 FLAC recording of Paul McCartney's Band on the Run that I purchased from HD Tracks.
Either program should suit your needs.
Thanks GaryPF, I'll have to check those out tomorrow.
And, Welcome!
I don't mean to sound cheap, but I'm not willing to pay $30+ for a program just for a few 24 bit recordings. If I had a whole slew of them, then that's one thing. All I have is one (so far) and that's a vinyl I transferred to 24/96 digital.

I'll check out the second link for the Flac soundboards.