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5 movies you're really psyched for


I'm famous now bitches! vvvvv
is "Django Unchained" what I think it is? If so, then yeah I'm really psyched for that one. Seems I saw a preview of Lincoln and mentioned to the wife that might be a must see. Teddy Roosevelt would be another one on my list.
Not exactly psyched for it, per se, but I wouldn't mind seeing the movie "Terri". Looks like it was one of those Sundance movie films and it's just now making a limited run through theaters. I'll wait for the DVD/BluRay.

Reviews say John C Reilly is quite good in it. Though, the movie itself apparently falls a tad short overall.

^^^^ Consider me hooked. I'll have to look for that once the Bluray comes out.
Looked up Django Unchained.

Not what I was hoping (a biopic on the jazz guitarist), but it is a Tarantino film, so it'll stay on my radar.